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Samuel Esther Apr 2020
It all started with my sins
Including that of my kin's
Living life of corruption kings
But he paid the price

He live with no fault
But my lies left him with deep cuts
He prayed nonstop
But for my shame,
He came down from the top
Just to pay the price.

Knowing I am a sinner
He still chose to make me a winner
We wine and dine
But it was him who came to die
Because that was the price

For my lies
For my shame
For my idolatry
For my ill thoughts
His death was the price

I have lost a friend
But he said to me
"It is not my end
I have paid the price".

"For your redemption
For your salvation
For your eternity if you chose me
I have paid it all".

So I was given a new name
And now I live in his fame
Enjoying all of his gain
Because he has paid the price
For all of my sins.
He paid it all
And I am free.

S. O sther.
Bo Marie Apr 2019
Jesus has risen.
But what else?
The sea level, and it was already up to my chest.
My blood pressure, and the screaming just made it worse.
A desire to vanish, and in a more permanent way.
For a moment I envied being an absent God to people.
I would feel their love, and they would know that they are loved,
yet they wouldn't need to
hear me,
see me,
feel me,
smell me,
or taste me
to believe in the overflowing love I possess for everyone but myself.
Elena Apr 2019
When I asked you what your name was
You replied and said, “It’s Love”
Then I asked you what your song is
You then sang the song of a dove
Please chirp to me your fancy
Make me rock to your lullaby
Flap with wings that dance free
So we can sing that Love does fly.

— The End —