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Mallory Nason May 2017
The entire room is staring, I feel my hair standing
All eyes on me, smiling is all I see
The chanting begins and I hear them but I’m not listening
My mind is focused on one thing
Blowing out my candles after they sing
What am I going to wish for this time?
Shall I wish that my other wishes come true?
Or do I wish something completely out of the blue?
All these thoughts bouncing around in my mind
However, I’m running out of time
They’re done singing, so here it goes
And like that another birthday
In the smoke
Monika Nov 2015
It's that day today
somewhere years hence
When i was born
Moving on
from grumbling to gratitude
vanity to sincerity
That's when i realize
we're born new each day
with a choice and a million chances
to be better each day
And encounter the perfection that we are
just as we were created
in simplicity and love
so why not celebrate each day
greeting with a genuine smile
friends and family
acquaintances and enemies alike
Blowing candles on chocolate cakes
Instead why not let them burn for a change
as a reminder
of the eternal spirit...
It's my birthday today and this thought came up. It's not exactly a poem.
NV Sep 2015
it's sorta kinda my birthday today.
and i know i should be happier than i am right now.
but truth is, i'm not.
i'm pretty much depressed to be honest.
but not that it matters though.

i really just wanted to thank all you bloggers for giving me pieces of your heart,
the kindness and motivation that makes my world seem like a better place at times.
because if there's one good decision i've made in life,
it would be opening up myself to all of you.

this space has made me feel heard.
this space has made me feel wanted.
this space has made me feel loved.

and just in case you didn't know,
every one of you,
makes a difference,
every time.
and i know i don't know you - but i love you anyways

— The End —