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Ursula Wolf Jun 2020
Everything falls out of place
Out of these words
Out of the paper
Under the curtain
Through the windows.

Going to the streets,
Out of these buildings
Out of the city
Under the bridge
Through the fields.

Flys back to me
This happiness,
When you saw
The misery in Me
The holy in You
The good in Me
The devil in You.

Come closer,
Fall into Me.
Tim Amaru Feb 2018
Crazy how in life when love comes along you don’t think about all that’s at stake.. & when it doesn’t work out it crushes you...but that doesn’t mean it was a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake, that collision between us.. 
How you came into my life and I made more room for you than necessary. More room than you could ever really take up.. 
My mom sold me on that idea that this is how it was supposed to happen, that there will come a time where things will begin to make sense. Things will begin to come together in an effort to manifest something more beautiful than you could ever truly imagine.. 
five weeks after it ended, I instilled belief in the idea that after all, this is how it was supposed to happen.. 
We were supposed to intertwine our lives in the only way we knew how.. 
All those phone calls, the late night text message threads in which I first mentioned a future in which we’d end up together...forever.... we also spoke about the 
the fallout...
How you had a new dude in your bed the same night you broke my heart... 
How I cried all the way home that night and began to move my feet towards the door, 
and how eventually in time, I grew strong enough to leave you..
Last night at the dinner table, I came to the realization that this is how it was supposed to happen... You served your purpose, you opened up my heart, you gave me enough to grow hopeful once again, and then, you were on your way.. & now it has begun to make sense... so this is to say thank you. 
thank you for arriving at the time you did and for leaving when you were supposed to. 
For not dragging out your stay.
For not ruining all the good you brought out of me.. 
For leaving me while my love was still good..
I thank you for being who u truly are, for not hiding it behind a disguise...
But most importantly I thank you for showing me the GOOD in GOODbye..

— The End —