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Aa Harvey Jul 2019
Stranger than fiction.

Do you think about us now and then, or am I completely gone?
Do you remember the love I sent, when you hear a certain song?
Or am I a victim of your love, lost to the next one?

Did I fall away and simply fade, like the smoke we used to smoke?
Did I make you laugh in my own way, or am I just something you broke?
I guess I’ll always remember the loving words that you spoke.

If there was a way I could see you again, do you reckon that I would?
If there was a time when you were on my mind,
Do you think my thoughts would turn out to be good?
Or are you just a constant reminder to me, as to what I never want?

I would tell you truths, back when I thought I knew you,
But the truth is I never really did.
I could wish for us and a way to trust,
But that time for me no longer exists.
Just like a dagger, you ripped me apart.
I wanted to thank you for all that you are,
But now all you are is a bad memory.
Remember that you never really had me.
You had a limited version of my love,
You are so fugazi to me.
I would soak you up like you were my favourite drug,
But just being near you was killing me.

You stand there a stranger, a stranger to me.
Now I couldn’t be happier, because you were only temporary.
You had half my love and even that was too much.
You are nothing now, so unworthy.
Go and read my books, take another look at love.
I want you to see clearly, what you have lost.
You were secondary, now just a memory.
I couldn’t write you love stories,
Because you never even loved me.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rachael Sep 2018
to be desired but never valued or loved all the way through.
chronicles of a girl who's never number one but always number two.
half loved by those she puts above everything.
always left on the sideline for the more favorable option.
she's been through it all and still fights to love everyone the same.
she sees through everyone's flaws and faults but they can never seem to do the same for her.
perhaps it's the quality of people she been loving on.
people that, in fact, don't love her but they love how she loves them.
people that can only handle the idea of her but not the reality..
she's a paradox.
she's gentle yet tough.
she is chaos yet she is peace.
she'll set you crazy but she'll also keep you sane.
she's fire and ice.
an angel with demons.
night and day.
she is me and I am her.
everything, nothing, all at once & not at all.
Bibek Sep 2017
If my words could buy,
Someone like you,
I would deeply chew,
Over words to write more often,

If the words, I speak,
Were the ones you were fond of,
Then all of the words I pick,
Would hover around your beauty,
Like the bees flooding the garden,
With their 'hummmmms'

But, to my dismay
To you, my words are wierd
To you, my speech is a low gust
That couldn't influence your flowers into moving

That is why I write so less about you,
For my poetry, that I so dearly caress,
Might not be so poetic, for you to embrace
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— The End —