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Her hand moves in a back and forth manner
as if she were playing the trombone
But she's really just pulling my greñas
spreading more Brillantina
to make her baby's hair sparkle    
even though its color is nowhere near that of brass
Mrs Timetable Feb 28
How do you get your hair to do that?
Don’t wash it
Brush it real gentle
Throw in a few rats
Then give it lots of treats
It will do anything I want
Such a good girl!
Someone asked me this today. I started laughing.
All I could think of is a dog doing tricks
Keiri Nov 2019
When in despair.
Things aren't fair.
Nobody will care.
You don't have spare.
Nothing you can bear.
Don't know how to wear,
This nervous's pair.
Waiting to aware.

And finally cuts your hair.
new me new life... again, lots of mes, lots of lives...  I happen to ***** up alot

— The End —