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Donna Mar 2018
Sitting in van with
my son whilst we drive to work
We listen to tunes

Driving pass meadows
so freshly delightfully
awesomely ripe green

I see lots of crows
peaking at the grass , then fly
high with filled bellies

Blackbirds rest on phone
lines singing a pretty song
of sweet chocolate love  

I saw plastic bags
hanging on bushes blowing
in a March breeze

An eerie feeling
washes over me as they
look like white ghosts

O but that's my kid
coming out of me , white ghosts!
more like white bed sheets

A magpie on a
branch waiting for his love to
return safely back

Both fly off happy
So swiftly elegantly with
a tail of gentle

I see a hare or
is it a rabbit , I'm not
sure to be honest

It Doesn't matter
It came out of hedge and
was so cutely small

I've never seen a
seagull in a tree , there wings
prefer to fly free?

Tis true you know , they
prefer to sit on lampposts
or fly high in sky

Spreading there big white
wings stroking the the air we breathe
Like pictures on wall

Nature is lovely
Spring is beginning to bloom
Making winter leave

Soon flowers will rise
Living between earth and sky
Because they know life :)
Inspired today x
Donna Feb 2018
O I'm well tired
My poor feet are bigger than
normal that's not good

I know what a big
elephant feels like now with
there big stompy feet

And it's o so cold
outside that winters trying
to get in my house

I can feel it's bite
What a cheek it as , get out
of my house winter

go outside to the
trees cause no matter what you
do the trees stand tall!

Yeah take that winter!!
And see your fluffy snowflakes
They can shoo off too

Because all they do
is shut down the schools buses
and all train stations

And it melts way to
fast to build a snowman , all
that's left is puddles''

Oh slushy mushy
Fussy crushy lushy snow
Pushy offy please
Fed up with winter roll on spring :) this was inspired today after watching snowflakes full down x
Donna Dec 2017
Yippee! Christmas is
nearly here and I'm off to
buy my food in morn

I'll be up when the
sun comes out shining her big
magnolia smile

But first I'm getting
my hair dyed , yeap I confess
I have pavement hair

Well only on the
my sides bits , but hey can't stay
young forever

Today I've been to
work , I like work it stops me
thinking way to much

Especially now
winters arrived , as I miss
sitting in garden

Christmas Tree is
up but it's artificial
Real ones are outside

Nice gifts under tree
Wrapped in pretty paper
Full of surprises

Even bought the dogs
a doggie stocking with some
treats and squeaky toys

My Harry my boy
dog heard the toy squeak , nows his
gone all loopy loo

His climbing up walls
Smoking a pipe and wearing
designer glasses

And Santa Claus
Is sitting at top , like a
glowing lighthouse

Tomorrow is Friday
My Dean is off work so we're
off out to the mall

Trees are bare , the cold
wind rips through them but sweet spring blossoms inside  

The sky is dark now
Night got hungry and ate day
**** it! call the police!!

But street lights twinkle
Walkways glow up so pretty
Porch lights beam hometime

So happy Christmas
once again , soz I just love
to write and share :)

— The End —