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Syv Elena Dec 2018
She fell from the sky
She clipped her wing
I brought her food
As much as I could bring

But food she did not need
Twas gold she craved
I went to the castle with mighty speed
And gave her the coins that I had saved

She's ran across the island
She flapped her giant wings
Getting the greed somewhat frightened
They were blown back by the wind

A lovely friend
A trusty companion
Loyalty that will never end

Star Scream; the Griffon
I've streamed Kingdom on twitch and I gave my steeds names. My favorite is the griffon. I named her Star Scream.
Rescued beasts brought into my home
not my children.
Small bearded creatures,
who so loudly exclaim at three A.M.

not security conscience,
nor do they even really care.
They are just a couple of night-jerks.

Furry little night-jerks.

— The End —