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My little one
Your heart
I miss You
I hear the soft whispers in the
Cool night breeze
I feel the warming of the morning sun.
I  see  joy
I see those children
Running free without a care
I know they are happy
And in God's care.
Much pain in my heart flashbacks from the past .
My mum forced me to have not just one but two abortions ..
Mum I want you to know that I forgive you.
But most of all I forgive myself .
From the years I cried in pain ..
I now let it go in Jesus name
Colm May 2014
What I’d do if I could see you now:
I’d scream, I’d laugh,
Never let you say goodbye,
Hug you, kiss you,
Jump for ******* joy,
Give you every second,
Each minute of my time,
Losing you was like cutting
The connection to my spine
I’d give all I have in the way of fighting,
Give all the energy contained in lightning,
I’d give up my writing,
****, I’d even give up my arms,
And find a different way to hug you,
If I could just see you now.

— The End —