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james nordlund Oct 2019
Soon to be matter that doesn't,

A Bodhi, as 'twas,

Everywhere and nowhere at once,

With heart,

Like the wind moves,

Not love nor hate,

Only everything and nothing

At all, at once, thrives.
All life are needed threads in the fabric of life, "...we(e),..." cannot allow to be torn asunder.  All that's needed to spark an evolutionary leap in humanity's growth is the fact that there's no profit, pleasure, nor power in manipulation, destruction, ******, genocide, extinction, etc., experiential knowledge which one can grow in the evolution until they experience it for themselves, etc..  If you're not taking bullets you're making them.  Walking in nature's balance, giving back to it's abundance, illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you, can reach one, teach one, to self-actuate, evolve, turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humanity will only have if we each do   :)   reality   Copy, share as you will.
james nordlund Oct 2019
Macroscopia allows a view,
Verdant brilliance, a star's birth.
Yet, our microscopicness ignores,
The atom should not be split.

400 years of supposed "science"
Has stolen the earth's richness,
Michaelangelos from the sky,
Is killing life as fast as
Before last ice age ensued.
Biophilia or necrophilia, choose!

Vie's evolving song is as silent as
A stone's ballad for being's loss.
Yet, manifest destiny rag drags on,
Turtle Island's shell won't cover,
Approaching abyss on the horizon.

Vitae's wail echoes crimson,
As acid rain from your closed
Eye falls, Earth's tears bleeding,
For, all you see is grey.
Written in the 90's.  Climate Strike needs all our supports, also 'Fridays for Future', extinction rebellion, sunrise movement, etc.; global climate strike, next one, 11-29-19.  Thanx for all you do; have a great day   :)   reality
james nordlund Oct 2019
On this anniversary of his light being snuffed,
like lady liberty's torch was scorched, bell cracked,
knell snatched decades ago, whilst his heart worx can
never be, support continuing activism for Khashoggi,
freedoms of press, speech, crticism of the oligarchy.  

His meticulous and terrorist assassination
will be an article of RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler's
impeachment, as our king-kong sized terrible-two
gave permission to Saudi's MBS to do it, in advance,
they went to Jared's for the messengering, outrageous.  

This war on freedoms, criticism of global oligarchy,
is just the tip of the global united **** of assassin's
class war against the lower-middle-class to poor,
and just part of the war machine, oiled by the blood of
non: us citizens, rich, caucasians, supposed Christians.

It's carbon bootprint is the largest, worst,
"...we(e),..." must end 'endless war'.  Yet, it's
just half of the bi-headed actual religion of most
in the united **** of assassins, the false god, mollock,
extreme violence, especially against kids, and war.

We once knew the seeds shouldn't be ground up.  The other half,
mammon, false-god of extreme wealth, greed, avarice.  Those two,
As one, are worshipped, studied behind masks of Hinduism,
Atheism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc., neither are separated
from the State as our Constitution dictates, ergo they rule.

Think people, 400 years of supposed science, a millisecond
evolutionarily, has brought humanity to it's extinction,
destroying what it took the Cosmos 18 billion years of evolution
to create, an insect damaging so much grain, an instant destroying
so much grace, please, human race be not the Earth's still birth.

Any scientist who doesn't do a full public mea culpa before posting,
with each post, to youth, communicating anything to youth on
the climate emergency is just a corporate structure convolutionary
and disciple of the religion of scientism, no more than a marketeer.
Cults aren't religions, anti-science that destroys all isn't science.

Yet you, leaving no footprints, that followed none, illimitable potential,
indivisible as life, walking in nature's balance, giving back to it's
abundance, can know "the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science",
Gandhi, that you, leaving no footprints, no trace, that will echo on in all ways,
always, can be alival instead of survival, yet will you save life, the Earth?
Each one can reach one, teach one to turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humanity will only have if we do; will you?   :)   reality
james nordlund Oct 2019
"Having turned the machinery of the Gov't into
a corrupt process of getting bad press made on
his political opponents, the Bidens, by buying
false investigations on them by multiple Gov'ts,
must be impeached, now", say Dems, the people.

The impeachment investigation has received much
evidence to support it, yet, Rumputin/vlad-
the-impaler, who were illegally installed into
the Blackhouse after the 2016 election, are
stonewalling numerous other subpeonas, requests.

People have seen evidence of Donald's demanding
false investigations of the Bidens be started by
the Ukrainian President in exchange for already
allocated by Congress 1/2 a bill in anti-tank
'javelins', but not the unreturned voicemails

detailing his desires for the same 'quid pro quo'
by him to other nations, here's some.  The Donald,
'Hi President of Ghana, I've heard you have some
hellified kool-aid, if you investigate the Bidens
we'll buy 100's of tons, awaiting your call.'

'Yo, yo, yo, President of Liechtenstein, just
calling to let you know if you liechten the Bidens
and find some dirt on them, we'll buy a hundred gross
of your steins, this is time sensitive, top secret,
so get back to us a.s.a.p., pppppllllleeeeeaaassse?'

''Sup, President of Guyana, must be hot in Africa,
too bad for you, all kidding aside, I hear you guys
have the best kool-aid to die for, if you investigate
the Bidens and find dirt on them we'll buy 1/4 of a
bill worth.  Limited time offer, bro, sooooo holla.'

'President of Hungary, I've heard you guys are always
Hungary, so, if you want a 1000 tons of food 'b' alls you
have to do is investigate the Bidens, find dirt on them
and provide it to the Steve Bannon set-up Hungarian fox
news who'll broadcast it globally over the next year.'

The atrocities of it all is all the people can say.  Does
this feel like a Greek comedy/tragedy to anyone else?  A
quickie impeachment to cover-up the bigger Russiagate one
that indicts the whole of the republican conspiracy, just in
time for vlad, etc., to hack our next presidential election?
Hello, my name is         and I live in           .  I'm calling my (Rep./Sen.) to share my support for Trump's first impeachment (that has been going on for many months already), over his organized crimes him and his campaign did; which resulted in many convictions already.  Can I count on you to move with speed and purpose to defend our democracy and hold Trump accountable by telling everyone the first impeachment process must be continued with all haste?  For it's much more egregious in terms of crimes committed, etc., so, it's far more likely to result in impeachemnt; whereas the new impeachment process is more of a 'he said, he said' thing, where one whistleblower's truths are contradicted by numerous republican liars- and probably won't result in actual impeachment.  Proof, "Moscow Mitch"'s playing at possible support of the new impeachment process is a clear indication that the republicans are certain it will fail.  Then, even if Nancy 'Chamberlain' Pelosi allows the original one to restart, or get most support, it will not be completed in the House before 11-2020, the Presidential election.  Then the dinos will have successfully re-installed RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler into the Blackhouse (by conspiring with the illegal invisible coup, Russian, Gov't, global hackers, wikileaks, Assange, etc.); just like they did in 2016.  We must stop this by having full force behind the original impeachment process; now!  Thank you for your time.   reality
james nordlund May 2019
Sky has fallen on your head, Earth erupting has upended you into two, is it time for change yet?

Everyone knows the extinction's coming, racing towards US from our future,

Seen on the horizon, still, no talk of evolution, adapting to reality,

Not the worldly world of criminal insanity?  Non-republican caucasian

Newborns to men who are heterosexual are still neutered as newborns,

Mutilated as toddlers, kids, mass-*****, and every crime done against them

As kids and teens, yet the Roman Catholic Empire doesn't even acknowledge

Their inquisition against them, let alone slow it down, stop it.  How is

It that Pope Benedict (Arnold, the Rat...), the last inquisitor, hasn't

Been prosecuted in the ICC?  Just so you know, if "...we(e),..." don't

Uninstall RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler from the Blackhouse by 1-21-21, the

United **** of assassins is the new notsee Germany and since it's citizens

Haven't stopped it's Gov't, it must be destroyed at all costs, for life,

Humanity, the Earth, to even exist.  Is impeachment peachy keen now?

Do you feel like keeping it in the ground, abolishing fossil fuel use yet?
Great works, thanks; also, please: Sample letter: Hello.  Donald Trump is deliberately undermining the oversight powers of Congress and acting as if he is above the law. Yet, some House Democrats are still stalling on impeachment.  The Trump organized crime family isn't going to re-institutionalize organized crime as gov't (from the top down, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"), "...we(e),..." have already defeated that; impeachment is a necessary step- regardless of political effects that could be construed as negative.  Thanks for your attention.   reality

— The End —