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Vexren4000 Dec 2018
Territories unseen,
Places unified,
Loves lost to time and regret,
Unknown lives, lived by hidden people,
Times dissipated from now,
Humanity lost,
To seas uncharted,
To the depths of my heart,
All so foreign to me.
A call for help,
Disguised as poetry.
A guise worn

Äŧül Dec 2016
I** thank you for moving out of my life.

Nowhere else is my own happiness,
Or rather it is my self-satisfaction,
Winning the 7 Minutes of pleasure.

Greatness I see in me after she departed,
Red-faced she seemed purple with shame,
Equipped with a pump I see myself,
A pump of self-satisfaction and relief,
Tasked I am with my own happiness,
Looks interesting this lonely pursuit,
Yet I know that I can be easily happy.

Advancing alone on the road of love,
Demands of my own body I listen to,
Minding not that I require a female,
If I wanted to make strong kids, 'coz
Ravishing my body has always been,
Even before I ever requested you to stay.

Maybe you can get a better husband,
Yet I am going to be really very satisfied.

This is the life I have always been loving,
Hindsight is never going to be pleasing,
I am so aware of this fact I have known,
Checked fully is that one best gift to self,
Kingly is this feeling of self-satisfaction.

Enjoy information I do in my life alone,
Just like before you or the others came,
And I now realise that before all I came,
Chiseled is my muscly pump after pumping,
Up & down, round & round, up & down,
Laid before I did in Agra like a clown,
Awesome is the feeling self-satisfied,
Tremendous is my relief each time,
Ever happier I have been pumping.
Thanks to all the creepy boys and girls for abandoning my ship when it was sinking.

I rediscovered my capabilities and capacities due to their not staying here.

A 2° acrostic poem. Somewhat mature.

HP Poem #1335
©Atul Kaushal
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Many dark and grey clouds                                                                                    Hover over our heads endlessly                                                                              Like **** monsters just to scare us                                                                         By day and by night ...                                                                                           The high skies are not clear now                                                                             Simply because they're overcrowded with                                                             Those pregnant clouds that are bringing                                                              All that is gloomy and sad ...                                                                                  We don't care about these hanging clouds                                                             As if nothing Happens ...                                                                                                           We are greatly blind,deaf,and dumb                                                                 About everything around ...                                                                               Our situation talks about itself                                                                          Through its **** images everywhere ?                                                             We need another Noah's Ark                                                                             To save us from that great flood                                                                         That is approaching us now ...                                                                            We are drowning clearly and                                                                              No one cares !                                                                                                       ____________________­____________________

— The End —