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end Jan 2021
Her ******* arose and fell with mine
Dare the foolish lip divine?

Too rapt by Time's celestial wicks,
Spend the days along the homesick.

Young flowers with their own lesson given,
The world's day and love are riven.

Without the beam, from our dreaming,
Bright as the need of a star.

Rich in the red, unto the dew,
Too fair, so shy, too new!
end Jan 2021
Death calls to me.

I kneel before her at full length—
Beside my lyre she would now dwell,
She was my smiling and my Soul!
Laid her on my golden door—
Beside my heart, she was my bride.
Laid her on my throne in sky—
An angel throng! with her bright eyes.

Death kissed my lips.

And when my deep blush went in gold,
I reached the end of her bright eyes—
She was my own sweet dream!
Shed all around me in a winter night,
Laid her wide head on my gold light.
Thus on that eve, as on that night
Held her white breast with its love light,
Kind solace to her burning sight!
end Jan 2021
**** me now,
I'll put myself to a grave.
The coffin gives the whole of me.
The moment, but no power can ever save!

Let me die.
Sit in these gardens with your dark eyes!
Silent the matter lies;
Keep a wanderer out in sky.

I won't return.
Find no escape in me.
Slow down the wilderness I see,
That crowd around thy home and be!
I dreamt of you again
Your anguish resurfaced
And washed over me

It was not enough
For you to haunt me in life
But you even haunted me in death

I found your grave
Brushed off the face
Those lingering feelings remain

Like a vampire in the night
How did you sink your fangs
In so tight?

I dreamt of you again last night
Your anger was ready to fight

I don't know what to do

It took its toll body and soul

You bestowed me with your love
You bestowed me with the truth
This is the end of a dream

I wish you well.

— The End —