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Roro Aug 27
I planted a seedling
Thoughtless, unplanned, without a care
Now a magnificent tree
Brightening the dark forest of my memories
Standing tall, pine needles displayed
In rain or shine, winter or blaze
Maybe I’ll plant more friends for her
Or maybe she’ll be set on fire
But I hope after living my life
A colorful forest of trees is what I’ll find.
Mrs Anybody Jul 16
oh papa
forgive me

for the
i secretly
with friends
under bridges

oh mama
forgive me

for the
i drank
when you
told me
not to

oh please
forgive me
for being
a teenager

poor decisions
good memories
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Lavender Aug 2018

Every little thing he did that night has rooted itself to my brain
alexa Mar 2018
why is it that i can only really remember the bad ones?
i can still remember good ones but the bad overpowers them.

like that one time when me, my mom, and dad went to go get taco bell and when we came back they started arguing and let's just say that the car we were in didn't last very much longer.

or when my grandpa died. or my great- aunt. that was the first time i cried at a funeral.

good memories, let's see.

my recent florida trip. we also lost my family while there so i don't know about that.

my camping trip two years ago. i also had an asthma attack there so, never mind.

what i'm saying here is that your brain for some reason makes the bad memories stand out more and when you do have good memories you also have the bad ones in them.
i think this is more of a rant than anything, to be honest.
i just wanted to say that my memories aren't that good but i'll take memories over anything, i guess?

note; this started out as a poem about stuffed animals, don't ask.
Rob Sandman May 2016
Playin' games.
Jay Text Sandman aka Skitz Text

Set the timer click click now the clock is tick tockin'.
I came to play the game. Like a KNIK KNAK knockin'.
Your rhyme flow is slow you know like PLAYDOUGH.
I gobble up fine rhymes like a HUNGRY HIPPO.
Like SUBBUTEO I kick it.
Shruggin' off your challenge like BUCKAROO kickin'..
..up ****. I sunk your BATTLESHIP.
You played out your game of CHARADES. That's it.
I dig deep in me rhyme dictionary.
You scrawl on the the wall like palsy PICTIONARY.
Not strugglin'. I'm jugglin' the rhymes in me head.
Slam dunk. KERPLUNK. Nuff said.
No, never. No way. Who am I kiddin'?
You know I got the rhymes. And I got the rhythm.
I confess. Like a game of CHESS.
Checkmate. No debate. Not a pretty pawn missin'. *  

It’s the end of the games like RIP,
I Multikill MC’s like COD,
Keep your mind on your MINECRAFT can’t catch me,
Cause Skitz is EC's Artillery,
droppin bombs watch the FALLOUT or you’re Dogmeat
FAR CRY from the old days of CRT
So your attempt is DOOMed best clear the room,
SWAT’s get Swatted Mic shotgun BOOM!,
Blast backdraft will destroy your CIV,
No cheat codes PAC em up MAN time to give,
RESPEC- to the PORTAL gun hangin’ on me hip,
You’ve got HALF a LIFE left faster than NO CLIP
But I said no cheatin’ Hackers get Hacked up,
No Multiplayer,cause you’ve no backup,
I’m glorying in the games we play,
Checkmate VS XBOX  pass to Jay.

Not mentionin' names. We're playin' games.
Energetic and poetic and it's Jay to blame.
Set the mic aflame. We burn it up now.
Set the timer click, click.  

When I flex it's hectic. Like SCALEXTRIC.
Switch lanes to PERFECTION.
I've a MONOPOLY in this game.
Don't pass go. Go straight to jail.
You fall like DOMINOES. I leap like a salmon.
Tisk tisk. Big RISK. Now I have BACKGAMMON.
Stamina. A steady hand OPERATION.
Ace up me sleeve and I'm just playin' PATIENCE.
Got me POKERface on.
Read 'em and weep as the game plays on.
I got a dead mans hand but I animate the mic.
BULLDOGS charge. You know I'll reach the other side.
Back to me den.
Repeat after me like SIMON SAYS.
RED ROVER, RED ROVER. I call Jay over.
You think it's over ?
No my friend. *  

Not mentionin' names. We're playin' games.
Energetic and poetic Schizophrenic to blame.
Set the mic aflame. We burn it up now.
Set the timer click, click.  

This Steam Machine is heatin' up a treat
So don’t be TEKKEN the ****,just feel the beat,
This KOMBAT’s MORTAL to enemies,
But it’s a full HEALTH PACK to Fans of E.C.,
So OverClock your CPU,
get your Soundcard Jumpin like chimps in SIM ZOO,
drop DICE on ICE from here to Timbuktoo,
STREET FIGHTER’s and Writers BIOSHOCKin' you

Not mentionin' names. We're playin' games.
Energetic and poetic Schizophrenic to blame.
Set the mic aflame. We burn it up now.
Set the timer click, click.  

I SPY with my little eye.
Somethin' beginnin' with J. I let fly.
As your JENGA tower wobbles.
I smile. You drop tiles. Dropped your poxy box of SCRABBLE.
Look out. That could spell disaster.
Triple word score as the rhymes rip past ya. Blast ya.
Quick out the trap like The Flash playin' SNAP.
Check the lyrical master. *
As the Dungeon Dragon spreads his wings-lets fly
playin' the game the pied piper pies,
catch you rats in me MOUSETRAP its a snap,
"cause I wrote the rhymes that broke the bulls back"
in THE SHADOWS OF MORDOR prayin' and hopin'
for a hero like MARIO to bust you loose,
Jay's SNAKE'n' up the LADDER time to twist the noose

Not mentionin' names. We're playin' games.
Energetic and poetic E.C. to blame.
Set the mic aflame. We burn it up now.
Set the timer click, click.  

What ya think ?              
Me rhymes kink, bend and fold like TWISTER.
A wicked rhythm like DOUBLE DUTCH. Skip, skip.
Like EVEL KNIEVEL. Flywheel spinnin'.
Rev it up. Dump the clutch.        
See me grinnin'. Knockin' down the pin and..
SPIROGRAPH lines in me rhyme. I'm spinnin..
..out of control. You can't cope with me GYROSCOPE.
I bring you back to the beginnin'.*

Not mentionin' names. We're playin' games.
Energetic and poetic E.C. to blame.
Set the mic aflame. We burn it up now.
Set the timer click, click.
Jay came up with this idea and tried to mention as many games we played as kids as he could fit in,when  he invited me onto the track I went more down the PC/Console game route,
let us know how many we missed!.
divinity Apr 2015
when i used to see you around
i would get sad thinking of how,
both of us had gone off and found,
other friends, we were different people now

but i have come to realise
the hilarious adventures we had
they were truly meant to symbolise
that our time together was anything  but bad

no matter if it came to its demise
when i now look back through our days
i will smile, and no longer tend to fantasize,
about 'what if' we hadn't gone our separate ways,
no more will i be unsatisfied, with the casual hi's, the hugs and waves

for now you and i both
we are happy where we are
forgotten is our age-old sworn oath
for then we were only kids, who rode in the same bumper car,
who shared that last chocolate bar,

and i know not, whether you think of me
in the way that i do
did i ever mean that much to you?
i'd like to believe its true,

but either way,
what we used to have will never die away

for those special memories that we wove,
i keep them in a small but cherished treasure trove.

slight exaggeration....possibly XD

— The End —