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Torin Galleshaw Dec 2015
And I know
The constant come and go
The warmth becoming cold
Becoming heat again

I know
Sometimes what's near is close
Sometimes is distant
And I can't reach

Well I know
That this is not for me
My mind it does agree
But tell that to my heart
Cat Fiske May 2015
he has a left handed base,
and I want to hear him play,

but he is in vermont,
for the winters,
but that's alright,
we can have the summers,

but I will be working,
and trying to get my truck I wanted,
and he will be waiting,
daily for me,

he will eventually get tired,
of waiting for me,
to hear him play,

I love him,
even though the last time I was with him,
my friend kicked his sack,

do I know why,
will he, she, or anyone tell me,
why they hell they were made at him?

but I love him,
I love his long hair,
and his honest mind,

I love how he doesn't call me pretty,
but still does with his eyes.
I love how he just means what he says,
and says what he means,

I love how he,
says he thinks he loves me,
and how he doesn't get mad when I cry,
I love when he holds me,

I love when he kisses me,
and kisses my neck,
and leaves marks,
to make sure I don't forget where he was,

I love how he doesn't make me **** him,
or **** his ****,
unless I want to,

I hate,
how I won't get to hear his base,
and how I miss him,
my baby :c
I can't fathom the thought of love.

the selflessness

the two hearts beating as one

the butterflies that flip around in sight of your partner

the little hellos that makes the blood rush to your cheeks

or the nights that you miss them terribly that you can have them there to hold just by a call

but that's the only the good part...

But what about the Cons to the Pros?

the tears that fight it's way out to see the world

the lonely nights in your bed

the fights and arguments about being unfaithful

or the 75% of breaking up because of the incompatibility between the two hearts that were to beat as one.

That's why I can't fathom the thought of love

One day it's something so beautiful

Like something as beautiful as Disneyland to a 4 year old

But then the next day, It's something so unbearable

Like losing your favorite blanket  that was given to you by a passed on relative.

How could something so beautiful to the eyes be so dark and treacherous on the inside?

— The End —