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G Rog Rogers Oct 2017
I'm winging it on a rainbow
Surely I will find
That place where
the rainbow touches earth
with golden mist Devine

Within the hills
beside the wind-swept
crystal seas divide
I will await you there

Knowing there to find
the missing moments
Once now but not
forever lost in time

Sheltered there from storm
Awakened there from sleep
The part and participle
of a life forever stoic
beyond the oppressive tide.

Wing it on a rainbow
Touch it and you will shine

As the rainbow touches earth
with the golden mist
of the Devine.

I will await you there.


G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Their Love was such
that people smiled
when their hands touched

When they kissed
the people bowed
their heads

As the lovers embraced
all the good people
gave thanks

And then when
they made love
the people fell to their knees
and thanked God above

All this in those days
when the golden mist
of the Divine
was found where
rainbows bow to grace
Our Good Earth

In the days when She whispered,
"Let them know
how We Loved."



— The End —