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Let's all just go out,
no worries
or fear.
No feelings of doubt,
when facing this year.
For all is so simple,
when one doesn't think.
Just go out and find it,
don't waver,
don't blink.
For all that was needed,
was water to drink.
To feel incompleted,
just stop
and you'll sink.
The sense of true love,
you'll feel nothing above.
Is all that there is,
just places to live?
When thoughts you perceive,
have one thing to give.
And that's hope
for your time
spent here on this earth.
A hope that you'll find,
a feeling of worth.
Go out and find it.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
I remember you like a famous brachiosaur, ensconced in the terrible street lamps of west county apartment block row. That swaying bronze gate to your three flat two room apartment. Skinny legs for the couch, the backroom bedroom, and the bunk beds in the master suite. We studded me for excellent squeeze; one trident pull switching time against a baited lock. "I'll swallow you whole," you brushed off into my ear while I passed your cheek with my lips, braising your skin with dew drops of our rushes and sweat. Even for April this was alright. Your brother had already moved out, and listening to Hall and Oates and going fishing was all you wanted to do. So I made us two root beer floats with Almond Milk ice cream, and settled into you for five hours and forty-five minutes. It was before 5:00a.m. when you turned to the night and spilled the last ounces of your ***** body out to me beneath the satin sheets. I pressed my lips hard against your nose and whispered I'd be leaving soon. Still I do not recall if I woke you when I left, but I remember that next day when you questioned if I had.
Written for Elizabeth Huff

— The End —