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Jennifer Weiss May 2015
None of this has been my choice,
I can see now.
All of it is up to God,
and I get relief from that somehow.
It means I don't have to decide
if you and I are meant to be.
I don't have to worry,
if you are right
you will see.
So take my life for You, God.
I believe You to the hilt.
Now do with me what you have willed.
outside of God's will
Lisa Neu Feb 2015
God puts his will within us so that we can know the way.
While he sometimes uses outward signs to help us know the way to truth,
it is usually the desires of our heart that lead us to truth.
Yes, we can be muddled by our own selfish wants
Yet, we have the ability to discern our own thoughts
to feel out our own emotions
and to know with a fair sense of certainty
where we are to be going
just by listening to ourselves.

— The End —