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BoringBoy Aug 10
Sometimes suddenly, I feel dejected.
Ejected from my previous emotion and rejected by any positive concoction.
Somehow, abruptly, I feel embedded in the thickest soot of sadness, heavy ashes of gloom suffocating my heart and all of its assets.

Sometimes I get bitten by a glumbug, and a blue sky could turn gray, I could be known to be the talker, but have nothing to say. My mind doesn't mind being a bully and having it's if my soul began to rapidly decay.

I'm glumbugged like spontaneously combusted, explosively sickened by this destructive construction. Depravity shaking and waving in motion, corrosive to my life and the future that's open.

Potent, its bite, the glumbug. Random, sudden, terrifying. Like the chilly wind that death carries, or a gut's intuition; like a sign of misfortune. What an awe-inducing contraption.

— The End —