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james m nordlund Jul 2018
The bi-headed bi-polar global axi of supposed power,
The remocrat, capitalist totalitarian/notsee one,
The united **** of assassins, and the notsee/totalitarian
Extreme capitalist communist/socialist one, the Russian
Cleptocracy ('cause, if you want to double your pleasure,
Double your fun, you have two, two anti-christs in one),
Attempting to determine no one can even perceive
The possibility of being non: materialists, humancentric,
Criminally insane, are having a tete en tete in Helsinki
Tommorow, where our king-sized terrible-two, Prump,
"...Will ask Tutin if he meddled in our election...",
"...He's not expecting a Perry Mason...", Tutin to confess,
"...But he'll ask...".  This, after a year and a half of
Prump's making believe "...Tutin may have not done it...",
And over 2 years after our intelligence community definitely
Knew about it, way to go first responders.  They'll probably  
Meet totally alone again, no cameras, and the only way we'll
Be able to dicipher how it went is from telltale signs like
Smeared lipstick, and others from the press, the Russian
Press that is, 'cause ours won't get a word from Prump on it,
Like the last time they met alone.  Later, I think he falsely
Projected that "...they just talked about...", the purchasing
Of Russian (white) kids, "...adoption...", for an hour.  
C'est la unvie, no?  When's Mueller going to be done,
Before or after Trumpler's visible coup steals the midterms?
If you didn't vote for Hillary, you voted for Prump/Tutin.
"...We(e),..." must protect the vote, vote early, GOTV,
And protect the results more than ever, before the country
Gets used to being drunk on democracy's backslider's wine.
Even though the altright universe successfully invades ours, the resistance only grows, and will take flight, like a phoenix always arising from it's ashes.  Written after experiencing a little political PTSD, after half a century of political struggle.   reality

— The End —