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Chelsea Apr 14
Today you ripped my heart out again, you destroyed what I tried to repair, I helped you out not that long ago and today you throw it back into my face.
My lesson has been learned
To always be careful who you let in.
Some words today showed me the light
We will never end up how we were and I think I am now grateful cause I'm letting you go
Chelsea Mar 11
4 months ago my life changed
4 months ago you ripped my heart in 2
There are days I wish I never met you, and others I'm thankful I did.
You showed me what love was but you also showed me the pain.
I thought everything was fine, we was planning to move but then it changed, it was like a full 360 trun
You told me you loved me and would always love me, I thought I knew you I guess I was wrong

4 years was great the best of my life, maybe I was blind and couldnt see that your eyes fell on someone that wasnt me
I'm dealing with my first ever breakup and writing things down seam to help me at the moment.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
When I woke up yesterday, I said to my self.
From today on forward it will be a new day.
I don't want to live with this pain any more.
What happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So from this day on forward I will just life on my life as it is.

that day was a great day.
I felt more free than I was before.
I could let it all go.
Just because I don't want to drag it a long anymore.
It was a big relief.

Today I woke up.
And their it was again, that pain.
That killing pain inside my chest, my broken heart.
At that moment I realized, it is not that simple.
You can't just flick your fingers, and just forget it.
No it will take time, it will take pain.
But what happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So I will just live on my life as it is.

It will be a great day, because it is the second day.
The second day that I said to myself,
I don't want to live with that pain any more.
It happened, it hurt, it was awful, it was heart breaking.
But I can not let it rule my life,
I can not let it ruin my life,
I can not let her ruin my life.
I will be a free man once again.
But this time a different one.
I will be happy, because,
What happened, happened and I can't do anything about it.
So I will just live on my life as it is.
CV Aug 2014
Someday I'll come home
and not feel a weight
pull me into the dark --
I'll be filled with light.
For once my life won't be
empty with no knowing
for tomorrow, but instead
filled with nothing but love.
I just have to get there.

The journey is long, I know.
I've known it all my life.
But in the blink of an eye
I went from six to eighteen,
so is it really that long?
Who knows, I guess.
I'm close. Slowly and surely
I'll be getting there.

— The End —