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Natália Jul 2018
I’ve been drinking last night
I am not proud
It didn’t end up well

After such a long time
I felt like I belong
I could talk
And I did
I kissed, I laughed
And today I don’t remeber much

I’ve asked myself many times
Why do I do this?
Drink until I can’t control myself
For such a long time
I haven’t known the answer

But I know it now

Well, it is easy
To lose yourself to alcohol
To forget everything
Especially who you are
To become someone else
And I like it

I like to be that loud girl
Who does what she wants
Who doesn’t care about opinions
Who kisses whoever she likes
I do like that

I LOVE being wild
´Cause that’s the exact opposite of my true self
That’s why I drink
Nylee Sep 2016
The wind came with force,
And took me away,
With the strength of horse,
Made me sway .

Some thing took control
Over my mind ,
Along with the soul
Nothing left behind .

I like this poison ,
Cannot resist it.
This drug I have chosen ,
Makes me fit and unfit .

And now I am Getting Lost ,
to be found nowhere .
Don't know how long it will last ,
Nor do I have any care .
Been in school again after two months, how is it?
Well, you think you know where everything is.
The truth is, you don't have the slightest clue.
You end up quickly walking through the halls.
Trying so hard to find each of your classes.
Some you remember right away, some you don't.
Some schools have a ten minute break, like mine.
Which makes it a bit easier for everyone.
Without it, this would have been even worse.
No matter how long you've been at school.
You will still get lost when looking for classes.
This is just a common thing that's gonna happen.
Why? Because it's just inevitable during week 1.
Don't get discouraged, it will get easier, in time.
Until then, make sure to bring your schedule.
Because if you don't, you rely on your memory.
And that's not always reliable all the time.
I learned that the hard way recently, it's tiring.
I forgot to bring my schedule, and was going around in circles. I'm glad to be in the library now after finding where my study hall was lol If you have this same problem, then you know what I mean. Thanks for reading this if you did. And if you commented on it or liked it, then thanks for that too :) Bye!

— The End —