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Francie Lynch Mar 18
In the North we had the cold war. Sirens screamed; we crouched under desks, thin arms covering thinner heads. We were post Pompeii petrifies waiting for a future dig. We never left an atomic shadow.
This  sums up all life-threatening fears of the Boomers, the Echoes, the A's through Z's. Of course, Boomers then were too young to worry.

We've never had planes or bombs fall from our skies (there was the Arrow disaster).
We've never had a crop blight, famine or drought.
Food has never been rationed.
Hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons or tornados don't happen here;
We get snowfalls we plow through till they melt.
We're non-tsunami. Flooding is seasonal, geographically isolated, and dealt with.
We've had no great fires or earthquakes like San Fran or London.
We've never been drafted, and only go to wars of our own choosing.
We have not been invaded or occupied;
P.E.I. has no extermination crematoriums.
We avoided Inquisitions, Salem witch hunts and Small Pox blankets.
We've had no Race Riots, but a few barricades have gone up and down.

Death comes to us as to all. Car accidents, dumb-*** accidents, and even ******. Though never expected, always anticipated. We grieve, some longer than others. It's not easy, but we manage the shock.

When the glaciers glide past the coast of Nova Scotia, on the way to New York, my generation (and probably yours) will have been replaced.

But now! We're asked to Social Distance and wash with soap and water. In Canada we have plenty of both. I'll occupy my three square feet of space for several weeks (knowing there are only 52 in a year). No complaints. No asinine TP runs. Just behaving myself, HUMANELY.
my generation: Anyone born after 1945 in The North, Canada.
Aa Harvey May 2018
This Generation

We’re a generation of single mothers.

Generation X; a generation of sinners.

The jilted generation, rejected by society;

Look down upon, thought less of,

Underestimated…just as we wish to be.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
tabitha Dec 2017
i have always found myself
in the middle
actually born
in the middle of the day,
very well-versed in
what it's like to be
simultaneously rich
and incredibly poor
living in other states
sleeping on the floor

i walk a generational fine line
this gemini primetime,
of insoluble crises
the holy oil floats to the top
we learn
that feigned warmth cannot dissolve
the calcified ego of a leader or their god
you proclaim the name of jesus
but still cry out for someone to lead us
from gray

it's taken time and distance for this to be easy to say.

this is for the ones
who have always found
themselves in the middle,

america, honey, will you meet us there?
Scarlet McCall Oct 2017
a relic from my dating days

I’ve been Generation X’ed;
I got the message by text.
A last minute change
and my day was rearranged.

The zombies cross the street,
staring at their phones.
They cannot tolerate a human voice,
and yet, cannot be alone.

It’s not a “relationship,”
despite the  frequent  f
It’s just a casual acquaintanceship,
full of frantic commitment-ducking.

Ambivalence and  indecision
aren’t what I call attractive.
In fact, they summon my derision.
So, I must be proactive.

It’s not that you aren’t ****--
you’re just too Generation X-y.
Kooky Collages Jun 2015
I'm sick at the sight of you.
There's a sudden hole in my heart.
I want to reach out to you,
But I decide to depart.
Can I shake off this madness?
Could I no longer care?
I'm a fool who's stuck in sadness,
While you've felt no despair.
I must learn to get over you.
There's no question or doubt.
But how can I do something that I haven't figured out?
Immersed with your memory,
I feel a sort of shame.
Solely because I know you don't feel the same.
Eyes swelling and emotions unveiling,
I beg them to subside.
And soon all my thoughts of you are nothing but snide.
How could you let me in so deep, only to bury me alive?
Was I just a toy to you? A sort of prize?
Maybe we both were the same in each others game.
But it appears that I left no mark,
While you left a stain.
Lessons learned, I'm moving on,
Since you've done the same.
I hope you won't regret the decision you made.
Because one things for sure,
I'm never going back to you again.
Kooky Collages Apr 2015
So where’s the love that I shall find?
Is it natural or divine?
It is knocking on my door,
But if I open, what’s in store?
Three questions in four lines,
I’m always seeking,
But never find.
One day when I’m looking at the life that’s behind,
I’ll see that what I was seeking had always been mine.
And that questions don’t lead to answers,
Because only time can tell.
So try what you want, and let yourself fail.
Answers are only summoned from our paths as they unwind.
So let your life happen, and leave your worries behind.

— The End —