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AvengingPoet Nov 2015
im scared of my own image
another day another day
thousand mistakes thousand mistakes

i hurt you again
without even realizing it
and for that im sorry

but i cant apologize anymore
all i can do is shout and scream and plea and cry
whats that good for

nothing much.

but anyhow
i was hoping the love we had
would last forever (can it?)

i certainly hope so
but i went right the **** ahead
and said no through actions

work with me
help me find my wings
i need to fly

but the problem is

i need someone to fly besides
birds fly in a flock
flying solo is some *******

co-pilots are a thing too

but anyways
let’s back off on the **** metaphors
because they aren't very great

i like you
and you like me
i think so anyways

you're a good old fashioned girl
with the aura of long time sunshine (that’s a reference)
and if i lost you

well wouldn't that just be ******* stupid

i have no idea what the **** this so-called poem is
a plea
a bargain
I've done enough of that
no more excuses

let’s just try


im getting help
and i need it

I am my own favorite headache.

— The End —