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Kitten Yvad Dec 2020
thats safety comfort
the grey fleece
white stars on the rim

and peach florals
right under for linen

remember those dreams
where the bed was
too high

and maybe you...
well you came walking
And I...
well you came
walking in to view

and in that mixing melting
sunset champagne rose and
gold i was suddenly
holding you

your MoC little heart
so suddenly soft
and your schoolgirl giggle
something hearty
and operatic that spills

wine into my cup

when im hot

sounds i don't expect from
you when you're so composed. that giggle

a diaphragm hidden
deep beneath all that caramel

and in the dream
the grey fleece
white stars on the rim

and peach florals
right under for linen
and the bed too high

i leave to the alleyway
you don't pass me by
you just

sit in my lap
and i hook my arms
around your lap
and my nose on your
freshly shaven head.

and thats when i get it
that laugh.
and thats when you send shivers up my spine

in that dream it all happens so fast
a continuation of
Kitten Yvad Aug 2020
so much
i don't no, no
I don't need to know

i come home, im gathered
&swept into a warmly
spiced domestic clearing
Kitten Yvad May 2020
I catch your eyes seeing eyes that are mine
I look away
Heart sputters and you yawn
My palms are scraped

Opening my sore hit scraped tender hands
to you

I’d dared myself to be vulnerable
couldn’t touch you but you made it feel good

“here’s what it’s been like.
I know it’s hard for you too.”
My palms unclenched
“But hold them, don’t hit them”

just want you to kiss me.
Prayers. lots of little prayers
prayers like kisses all over my palms

— The End —