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Kitten Yvad May 2020
I catch your eyes seeing eyes that are mine
I look away
Heart sputters and you yawn
My palms are scraped

Opening my sore hit scraped tender hands
to you

I’d dared myself to be vulnerable
couldn’t touch you but you made it feel good

“here’s what it’s been like.
I know it’s hard for you too.”
My palms unclenched
“But hold them, don’t hit them”

just want you to kiss me.
Prayers. lots of little prayers
prayers like kisses all over my palms
Kitten Yvad May 2019
There is nothing more, but
I would hold you
Its not prettily put, but you shine

Its not poetic but I love and appretiate
you, I think of you all the time

There is nothing more but my
walls now all down

there is little else, but you know,
its hard to say if I put into words
the way your soul just glows, it glows

It’ll never sound valiant
valiant how you are strong.

But I would rather it be apoetic
than you not comprehending how you were more
than “noble” all along

Things we have to learn to say
to ourselves and believe

Its aromantic but I’d hold
hold hold hold your hand
Its not quite obvious but I care

I wouldn’t mind its its not poetic
As long as it won’t be lost in the
translation of mind to art to words

It means enough and I’ll put it there
My silences had not protected me.
Kitten Yvad Mar 2019
Ow my fire burns
Hello just throw me
Into the sea but
not to loud

I am sleeping like
a little aloe vera plant

— The End —