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Pauline Morris May 2016
There once was a man
That thought his member was grand
He called it the best in all of the land

He went from woman to woman
He said he was just checking their fluid

If your thinking he's a stud you couldn't be wronger
He's what my my grandpa would call a whoremonger
C Dec 2014
I need to get up, I need to get up!
Go upstairs and grab a cup.
Pour myself some coffee,
and listen to mom get bossy.
I will, I will!
Let me just take my pill.
Grab the adderall,
now I can do it all!
Eventually, Eventually!
I should probably mention something about me.
Sleep is my favorite thing to be,
but these drugs sure do get me glee.
I'm up, I'm up!*
I'm washing the tub.
I'm getting the dirt out of every corner of my room,
and I have so much energy I could rush a flower to bloom.
i wish i had the energy like this poem
I feel like i lost myself seeking my desires
Instead of winning
Who am I anymore ?
-( 23:41)
I want to go back
Styles May 2014
An urge too strong to resist.
Once enticed.
Can't resist.
Go ahead and try to;
I insist.
End up.
Face up.
Go ogling; *****, so you can read **** **** like this.

— The End —