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Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
She taught me
The unexpected way people fall in love.
To hear a voice croon a name so beautiful.
That you forget all the incorrect keys
it takes to create a masterpiece.
The refuge of having a piano fall on your head
At the most unexpected time.
All of the keys playing in the most beautiful harmony.
The way you say my name in un-orchestrated chaos
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2018
I suppose the best part of it all
Was that I fell out of my shoes.
Where most would be embarrassed.
In a strange twist I felt a calm peace.
I had nothing to hide,
Outside of the fact that I was falling.
Fall fast I did.
The most beautiful of facts, pleasing to the ear drum of desire.
The harmony of her kicking my chair.
Me falling flat against the ground.
A beautiful sound echoes about in memory.
A short in-flight movie of me falling back into one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.
House shoes flying through the air.
I assume that I wasted too much time.
So she took matters into her own hand.
Well foot at least.
My inspiration
Kewayne Wadley May 2017
I was a stranger, one whom forgot to say thank you.
She beat my hand to the door. Holding it open as I walked past.
It totally slipped my mind. Rushing to make it outside before my uber left.
Too drunk to drive.
My mind totally in another place.
She was much as a stranger as I.
A beautiful smile passed in a blur.
Soon as I turned around she was gone.
It crossed my mind to knock on every door until I saw her face.
Life is far from a movie, nine times out of ten her boyfriend would have answered the door.
Some strange looking dude with every right to be protective, uneven line.
Dingy basketball shorts.
Soon to leave moments after I do.
The color of my shirt standing out in an all white hall.
Finally complying to my uber driver's yell.
I figured that tomorrow is tomorrow.
But if I see her again that would be perfect.
Mentioning that I forgot to say "Thank you"
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
Beneath your womanly exterior lays a girl.
A girl thats cuddled up nice and warm in her bed.
If I could find big enough paper.
I'd roll you up until it stopped just above your stomach.
Leaving your arms and face free.
So you could rise your arms and smile like the flower you are.
When planted, flowers don't know how precious they are.
But they know they serve a divine purpose.
Just keep blossoming that beautiful smile and all the rest will reveal itself.
I wrapped your legs in paper so you wouldn't be constricted in anyway.
As well so I could find you whenever times get hard.
Also because I thought it would be funny.
But on a serious note.
You work hard enough as it is.
So while your stuck trying to figure your way out of your paper stem, I'll gladly bring you as many glasses of water it takes to water your roots.
I'm not sure how you feel about wet feet.
But it will gladly help you kick your way out of your paper stem.
That way I won't have to pick a flower I admire very much.
You could visit me just as I visit you.
Probably after kicking my *** for wrapping you in paper
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
She was like a banana.
The best part of her was on the inside.
The amount of insulin I'd need trying to devour her whole.
God knows how much I love the thought of that.
The effect she'd have on me.
Each time I'd see her I'd unravel her piece by piece until all of her shown like never before.
The only problem was I was allergic to bananas.
Although her smell was intoxicating.
One taste of her and my throat would instantly swell.
Though I wouldn't prefer anything artificial.
I wanted the real thing.
When I revealed all of this to her she just laughed.
She laughed her *** off as a matter of fact.
Rocking back and forth.
Her little brown shoes clicking together.
Her yellow skin now a bit red.
Her freckles now in full view.
When I asked why she laughed she said its quite alright.
Most people I've met speak so highly of themselves.
Your the first person to admit you correctly know how to open a banana.
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
She's the thought that occurs in my mind.
The one that shows up without warning.
A gallon of gasoline, a handful of matches.
The spark that ignites there is brighter than anything
I've ever seen.
Setting fire to anything that isn't her.
I couldn't have saved myself If I tried.
Watching everything reduce to individual piles of rubble.
Shes recklessly chaotic.
Perfectly complexed in the way that she stands.
Striking the head of the match on the bottom of her heel.
There she stands watching everything burn.
Covering herself with my faults.
There she warms her heart by the fire.
Stoking the fire with old memories.
Slapping my hand each time I reach for one.
She's that one thought that asks me to hand her more matches.
Paying no never mind to if she's burned herself or not.
Dousing everything in gasoline that surrounds her.
Her reply to everything.
Revealing a devious grin, extending her hand for more matches.
Theres no doubt in my mind that she's a devil disguised in angel wings.
Roasting her halo over the fire,
Soon to press against me.
Branding me with her everlasting essence
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
At the bookstore I found a guide
Inside was a simple instruction.
A funny looking diagram.
I tried everything imaginable but still couldn't figure it out.
Flipping page after page, Telling you what I've found.
The way the instruction was wrote was shoddy.
Continuing to follow the diagram.
Attempting what I read all you did was laugh, none of it worked.
It didn't hit me until I threw the paperwork that I might have been reading it
upside down.
Finding a different way to love you.
Upon further reading I followed the instruction verbatim.
If anything it pushed me further away from you,
A strange look that continued with the raise of a eyebrow.
I looked online and read the reviews, found the publisher of the book.
I wrote them stating that the guide was entertaining but still had problems
applying what I read.
I looked again at the strange stick figures wondering if figure one really was
figure one.
Reading the publishers reply,
They really should print these things better as all they did was laugh.
It wasn't until I reached the end of the book and read in fine print.
For entertainment purposes only
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
Her eyes widened,
Not once did I stop to notice that this was the first time
These words came from my mouth.
Through action yes but never once did I stop to pay attention that I've never said it before.
The words that caused this sudden hesitation.
I mean throughout the course of the day I've thought it.
But until I seen the look on her face it struck me.
Of all things how could I possibly forget that.
It wasn't at all a bad thing, as most silences accompany something bad,
Though silence filled the air the look on her face was in disbelief.
From that moment on I sort of questioned a lot of other things, the kind of things that lead to if I did or didn't.
I never was one to pay close attention to detail.
The subtle hints that I very well might have overlooked.
I suppose I do deserve to be hit in the back of the head
As she stopped in mid sentence, I suppose just as shocked as I was.
In the back of my mind I was really hoping that she wouldn't ball up her fist and hit me up side the head.
All things aside, I was never good at this type of thing and on a daily basis she deserves more than what I can give but she takes it all in stride.
But seriously I hope she doesn't hit me up side the head for taking this long.
She is a bit violent and on top of that she is a ******, going to get a step stool would only make her madder.
Her eyes now widened, eyebrows relived of any crinkle that stretched down to her nose.
Leaving me without a thing to say but the words again.
"I love you"
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
In an open end expression,
I wanted to do something like try to make you smile.
Things seldom seen as perfectly as they appear in person.
No matter how hard I think about it, it doesn't exactly make for what I see In your presence.
Somehow it just calms me.
That eternal peace that comes out of nowhere.
That inescapable feeling of being a different man. That unavoidable truth Found in the sound of silence.
This is the effect you have on me.
Somewhere deep down I touch bases with a me that I haven't seen in such a long time.
I guess the cool part about it is that it never takes much.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just one of those lazy days off work
no odd shaped supervisor barking orders.
You know, none of that aggravating **** we face on a daily bases.
Just a unexplainable peace.
Finding it's way into light, A light that only you can provide.
A light that appears soon as you smile.
Lips unraveling the bud of a pearly smile.
A stem wrapped in clothes, roots tied in rubber soles.
That's you, That one flower whom refused to stay in the same spot.
That rebellious bunch that kept too much to herself that followed the sun wherever it went.
Most flowers hideaway when the weather breaks, taking a deep snooze until the cold goes away.
On the other hand you are not like most flowers. You put on a coat and found a place with a heater.
Whose to say that you were wrong.
Whose to say that if you didn't adapt that you still wouldn't ask a million and one questions.
It's those quirks alone that make you easily lovable.
Still kind of irritating though, not all of the time just sometimes.
It still kind of makes me want to lock you in a closet, still kind of just makes me look at you and somewhat growl.
Eh, I know that sounds kind of ****** up but admittedly I enjoy every bit of it.
Although I still kind of  want to call God and apologize for whatever it was I did just take you away.
That sounded mean, but I'll do you one better.
It still kind of makes me miss you when you don't do any of those things.
At some point I don't know what made you take your shoes off and root yourself beside me.
But I'm glad you did.
Life would be so boring if I didn't have someone to shoot the **** with.
Even if half the time I kind of, sort of, always threaten to **** you.
Never in a serious way. Always in a silly off the wall sort of way. Noone would see it coming.
Nah but in all seriousness,
I know that your just expressing how you feel, Although I joke about you being clingy .
In the moments that I don't want to shake you, I enjoy it throughly
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
I love you because I can not love myself the way that I love you.
Put bluntly,
I cannot otherwise do the things that I do to you to myself.
Everything has a beginning, My loving you started the first day I gave my eyes to you.
Whether you know it or not. What came to be was a product of me no longer belonging to myself.
Granted I'd like to think there was a reason you happened to be standing there at that specific time and place 
honestly I had nothing better to do than to sit and wait for that exact moment,   you just so happened to look up and vola.
I honestly could not tell you what drew my eyes to you.
Persuading my legs to turn my feet and walk in your direction.
In a sense there was an inferno taking place inside me and you held a pail of water.
A thing not to be taken lightly, this inferno.
As it devours everything it meets, so happen there was a lot of you.
Not that you seemed to mind. Else I'd ask why you were holding a bucket of water.
Eliminating the eyes totally, relying on instinct alone
I love you because you didn't have anything better to do than say okay
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