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Tony Tweedy Apr 2020
How many ventilators can you buy for the price of an Aircraft Carrier?
You just can never have enough aircraft carriers.... or tanks or planes...
levi eden r Dec 2018
so i've said earlier that i wanted to put together a book and i've finished it but i wanna print out some copies to give to my friends and family. but it turns out that it's actually pretty expensive lol, so if it's too much to ask for, even a dollar would help!

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Jennifer Weiss May 2015
This is a link to my campaign. I am writer, I have written a play geared towards social change. I have a self-esteem workshop I teach in conjunction with the play. We are 16 days away from the show happening and so much still has to be done! Including raising the funding! Please share this if you know someone willing to help!
Any help, even word of mouth, is appreciated!

— The End —