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King Tutankhamun Aug 2017
Man vs woman
Has always been a battle
But now we at a bigger battle
I see them homos
Running to tattle
To Big daddy Senate
Making grants to confuse infants
All the way to adolescence
Can't  see who's real anymore
Gotta look between a woman's
Leg to make sure
She a real female
Got top dolla surgeons
Doin' work while the fake ones goes splurgin'
Ha see it's taking away
The ability of ***
Depopulation through media manipulation
Got woman's putting their *****'s on lock
Because of what the media stocks
Most of them so called women
On tv are mostly men
Acting feminine
N now when a real men
Wants a woman *****
Its not just cause he's ***** .it's becAuse he adorns thee
He only attrActed to what he came out
The chocha that is
Feed and birthed nine months
Of jailed labor
Loosing your shape and hips
I love that ****
But them transformers
Can't make that ****
You see the universe doesn't lie
Some things that surgery can't fix
Like jaw structure brow ridge
Or the low bridge
That appears half way down a woman's back
You see a woman will always have hips
Wider than the shoulders
And males vice versa
That's why the womb man
The man's womb
Is his mate to procreate
Yes we argue but it's only becAuse it's human nature
We made for eAch other
No matter the color sister or brother
Once we make love
A small plant is waiting to unfold
From a small seed indeed
Yah I love woman til the day that I die
So **** all these sissies emulating
A candy eye
I see your ******* flushthat ****
Down the toilet
They keeping us confined through our minds
Running up spiritual fines
Soon to be jailed in our own mentality
Baby talk to me
*** is as natural as water is to the body
But it's been lead to be perverted and introverted
But at the same time they perverted
And yeah I quoted it
You see they want the real man and woman
To hate each other
So the other
Wierd transformers -/decipticons
Can take over and transform
A whole society
Into a confused nation
And thus a genocide against humanity at well as creativity
To the straights fighting the propaganda

— The End —