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Toxic yeti Dec 2018
If I die of the Plauge
I would want to be remembered
Not as a victim
But as a healthy
And happy

If I die of Ebola
I would want to be remembered
Not as a victim
But as a beautiful
And diligent girl
Who created art.

If I die of rabies
I would want to be remembered
Not as an aggressive victim
But someone
Who brings compassion
And kindness.
JayceeJellies Feb 2016
I hope you choke on your coffee this morning
and burn the way that you make my eyes
I'm tired of you always making me cry
you have no compassion; you're empty inside
just like the coffee *** is at the end of each night.
You make me want to inhale fire most days. All you ever cause me to feel is pain. I hate you.
I get frustrated sometimes

When people don't follow lore
Or the unspoken laws of RP

When people refuse to consider others in their actions
Or give insincere sentiments

I get frustrated sometimes just because

It's all very frustrating
And sometimes, it makes me hate people
But that's a bit irrational isn't it?
801 Mar 2015
Forgiveness is a wild beast
of an exotic land.
I know it. Its shape,
color, texture and
particulars of its habitat,
yet it means nothing in my
day to day; at least nothing that
impacts the path I walk
or world I touch.

It is as distant as a polar icecap
and about as much
help as a glass shard
beneath my bare feet.
This wild beast makes noises
perhaps sour perhaps sweet
to the ear
but I do not know
nor can I name them.
Daily I set out and go
stalking after it in
my bare feet and soul ache
unable yet to find it for myself
or others, I make
my ****** way along this
un-exotic, piercing path.

It is a way I cannot abandon
but I must laugh
at the folly of my purpose
for I have long since washed
the picture of this creature
clean and thoroughly sloshed
it remains in my mind.
I am left to blame the blood
and curse its trail tracking
ever after me in the mud.
A product of frustration.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
Why do I,
Sit and wait?
... I need this job...
CommonStory Jun 2014
I'm tired of not being understood

And having to understand others

Can I be understood

Is it me or you caught in the loop

Now I'm getting mad

How many paths will cross

Before it's created a loss

A loss is a loss

No matter how much you lose by

****** we can't meet on levels eye to eye

You know what **** this


You and your ideologies

You and your idealistic hypocrisy

Yes I'm irritated 

I don't know who isn't being understood

I will not submit without compromise

Well atleast what's fair to me 

What's that

What's fair to me isn't equivalent

To what you call righteous justice

In your mind

Well I apologize for invading your happy place

I'm physically depressed my doctor said

And mentally needy 

That's why I'm so confused and use you 

But I'm still not understood

And refuse to understand when to me

It's accepting something my persona doesn't go by

Or is it tolerating what I deem incompetent 

My grin mimics a cold grimace

Am I wrong

My arm hurts

I'm holding a grudge, but it's really a half full cup of water in my that I've been holding for 14 days

And now I'm thirsty but can't quench my thirst because my arm hurts


I just want an answer my heart can accept

Is that to much to ask

Or is it selfish of me
I need a new perspective

— The End —