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ARCH Feb 2018
Her hand was shedding blood
Drop by drop dying by flood
Her life was vanishing
Her name in prayers ;cherishing
No one to calm her brow
Her restless body is sowed
Her story was lilltle different
Her life sometimes fill with happiness
But most by tears
World start looking at her
As if she is a criminal
Stopping people all she go
She is innocent she knows
Tears filling her eyes
Crying all the way she goes
Soon,struggling from emotions make her fall
She cuts her wrist but her soul stand tall
They don't know what she went through
They never thought she is human too
Her soul was waiting for a miracle of justice
She was in depression
But court was doing nothing but
Session by session
Her story was closed as if she is a book
No one to give her justice
And have a look
All we have to do is be a man of divine ....
You should help people who are in vain
-Pallestine beauty

— The End —