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Rexhep Morina Jan 2015
While trying to find my self,
I have lost my self,
In depths unreachable,
In darkness invisible.

Breaking the social constructs that I am built in,
A war cry echoed through time and space,
Infinite possibilities unfold in front of my destiny,
A destiny worth a thousand peoms.

Still searching,
Still seeking,
Still looking for that which is me,
A soul confined in a human shell.

Eager to see that which is not visible,
to feel that which is unspeakable,
A sudden awe surrounds my mortal form,
Liberation, freedom.

A unique feel of bliss,
the hand of god has reached for that which is within me,
Awakened I am to the purest form that I be.

Pain, guilt, sorrow and fear,
are vanquished in the blink of an eye,
The heavens await me, as I sail through the vast oceans of infinity.
In order for one self to truly find it self, one must first lose it self.

— The End —