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I'm trying to find something to write about.
But I simply don't know.

People want fresh, not old
New, not boring

But I don't have the slightest clue
as to how to give something like that.
Cause I'm not old, but I'm not all that new
I'm not the smartest or the brightest,
I've been around, done some things
No regrets, but some things I might've changed.

So trying to find something to write about
That is, something other people will love just as much...
It doesn't always come easy.
FRITZ Mar 2018
the shakes own my body they make it harder to type so i peck at my keyboard like a ******* animal and i keep smashing the power button every time i hit the backspace and i'm afraid the whole godforsaken thing will turn off. macs arent bad though. i might be okay.

wow this whole ******* thing just went to ****? can i even say that? i'll be ******* honest with you (aside from the avant-garde scene and the nihilistic WOKE poetry ensemble) i really don't know if i can say that or not? i mean when was PC invented? like 2008? *******. that was ten years ago gimme a break.

jesus man the shakes are horrible tonight. they're so bad im really just relying on autocorrect to do everything for me but sometimes it misses and so do i. i could use diction on the mac but then they would have my voice and once apple took o ver the world id just become one of their drones or something.

i know why too. maybe the "substances" im constantly ingesting. (oooh "substances" s cary word ayh right. you're an idiot.)

or maybe its the lack of creativity and originality in everything i see and hear and do? maybe not.

(taking a break to ____________).

all the bugs and trees are talking to me and you know what in not eve n gonna bother with typing at this point so if are still here then good for you,

.... six, no wait, make that, 12 bottles of wine. and some whiskey. and some champagne. and a jug of sangria. and...

it's **:05 as I write this. so if you're awake and reading this then either you're a night-owl or you live somewhere thats not here or there.

i m really truing to see; the shakes off and I think in doing pretty well so i have to just keep it up. right?

im going to shrink down and sleep with my succulent. tomorrow will be where hell is waiting.

******* come in early. 2-3 AM. i always wake up right about then.+
thank you once again, Fritz.
Viktoria Apr 2017
Precious time
Great ideas
I am using these

I don't want
To lose them
Make them useless

Planning out
Is the ground

No illusions
Can be found
No strategic
Or deep wounds

Truth is happiness
With no fear
And creations are
Its best friends

Nice to hear
This is how this short poem
What should I do,
Today's sunny too,
Dear living clue,
Lend me a shoe,
Maybe undo,
The evil brew,
Riding to you,
On your canoe,
So give me two,
Ideas to,
Relate a new,
Concepting stew,
To change the hue,
Of color blue,
So time would *****,
This bolt into,
A place once true,
To brains of poo.
Four syllable fun!

— The End —