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brandon nagley Apr 2016

The gloaming is soothing in her presence.
Forthwith, raptured by her glimpse;
I mayest be penurious by worldly
Standard, though with Yahweh
Next to me, and mine queen
Sent to me, I'm opulent
With none enemies
As tis mine soul is


None ill-will in me breed's, I've
Walked the path of native tree's;
Wherein the places I canst ramble,
Art not from men's thought's; thus where Lucifer
Gamble's, and soul's art cleaved.


Mine feet and toes, taketh me where I need
to go, as tis the holy ghost; that dwelleth in me.
The Trinity- "father, son, and holy spirit", whereinto
Jehovah's brilliance reflect's sky ceiling's. As mine Jane is
There in dark or bright-in wrong and right, when thunder strikes,
Or in the fog unknown, when mine heart's alone, and skin need's touch, mine Jane giveth me love, a love uncrushed. A love so much; God as her lead, she dances for me, with her angelic wing's
Inside mine sleep. Her pictures I keep alongside mine wall's, to remembereth the intercession, and the bestowal from God.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedication
Gloaming- twilight or dusk.
Forthwith- immediately..
Mayest- may in archaic form.
penurious- poverty stricken, or poor...
Yahweh- Hebrew name for God.
Opulent- ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish, wealthy....
Ill-will- hatred, bitterness towards anyone.
Wherein- in which.
Afore- before.
Art- are.
whereinto- into which.....
Tis- it is .
Father ( God,) son ( Jesus Christ) holy spirit- "Trinity"
Jehovah- another name for Christian God in Hebrew.
Brilliance- intense brightness of light....
Cleaved- means split.
bestowal- gift, to present as a gift; give; confer.
brandon nagley Feb 2016

Mayeѕт Yaнweн ѕнιneтн тнroυgн тнy ѕoυl
Mayeѕт Eloнιм мaĸeтн gold; ιnтo тнιne нand'ѕ
I coммend мιne ѕpιrιт, arcнaιc gнoѕт'ѕ oғ day'ѕ
Foreтold. Mayeѕт Adonaι Lιgнт υp тнe darĸ, тнaт
Sυrroυndeтн мe and тнee, мayeѕт тнιne reѕт enтer
Inтo нeaven; a place ғor ĸιng'ѕ and Qυeen'ѕ.
And мayeѕт I мeeтeтн тнee,
Inѕιde тнine dreaм'ѕ.


Mayeѕт тнoυ ѕeeιтн propнeтιc vιѕιon'ѕ,
Mayeѕт тнoυ enтereтн ιn; вy тнe тυrnѕтιle
Oғ тнe rιgнтeoυѕ, none нυrт тнere and none
Sιn. Mayeѕт raιnвow'ѕ ѕнadow overнead,
Mayeѕт roѕeѕ cover тнιne ғeeт, мayeѕт
Peтal'ѕ ғroм тнe ѕerapн'ѕ, gleaм ιn тнιne
Eye'ѕ мeeт. And мayeѕт I мeeтeтн тнee,
Inѕιde тнιne dreaм'ѕ.


Mayeѕт тнy ĸιn be вleѕѕed wιтн none worry,
Mayeѕт тнe ѕтar'ѕ coмeтн oυт ғor тнee;
Mayeѕт тнe coѕмoѕ gιveтн тнoυ a тoaѕт,
Oғ paradιѕe мιne qυeen. Mayeѕт coмғorт
Gυιdeтн alongѕιde, мayeѕт oυrn love'ѕ cнarιoт
Rιde, мayeѕт we never looĸeтн вacĸ, тo тнe devιl'ѕ
In dιѕgυιѕe. And мayeѕт we мeeт
Beyond тнe ѕĸy'ѕ.


Mayeѕт тнe cнaperoneѕ oғ тнe тнιrd celeѕтιal,
Pυт a нalo υpon тнιne тop, мayeѕт нealιng вe
In тнιne Woe'ѕ; мayeѕт god never вe ғorgoт.
Mayeѕт мaтrιмonιal cereмony, coмeтн тo υѕ
In oυrn Creaтor'ѕ wιll, мayeѕт тнe wιne oғ тнe
Greaт dιvιne, enтer ιnтo υѕ and overғιll.
And мayeѕт тнy ғιngerтιpѕ
One day I ғeel.

©Brandon Nagley
©Loneѕoмe poeтѕ poeтry
©Earl jane Nagley dedιcaтιon ( Fιlιpιno roѕe)
All the names I gave for god.are the Hebrew names for god, as us Christians go by the Hebrew names for him. Such as Elohim, Yahweh, adonai, also called ( I am) or ( the great I am) meaning he always was from the beginning, always in existence before the ages...also Jehovah. Fun facts for those that don't get that,..
I made this song after listening to the beautiful song ( forever young) by Bob Dylan.... So the lyrics go to the tune of that if you know the song..,

— The End —