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annh Apr 7
Do not deny me,
The lines between us read;
A footnote of a smile

A miniature novella
Cradled in my palm;
Your hand held

Written in our familiar aspect
An epic journey of the soul;
A quiet collision
Of two still quieter gestures.

'There is more to hear in what is not said.'
- Rachelle Joyce
The cawing crow,
Object of strife,
Does have its place
Here in this life.
Its hue is dark
Its numbers rife.
It sounds of caw
And not a fife.
To the farmer
And to his wife,
The crow is but
A fowl most trife.
AvengingPoet Oct 2014
Take it slow, brother
Being a blue boy
Is a waste of time

For this is just a footnote
Each and every piece
Is just another footnote

You’ll collect these footnotes for awhile
And they’ll comply into multiple pages
Everything will be alright soon

Reflect on those footnotes
And take it slow…take it slow…

It’s gonna take some time
Before everything is cooked up good
But contentment will be here soon

These footnotes might feel like awhile
But just try and let it go…
Let it go, brother…

Pass a few jokes
And be a bit calm
As we hold on…

…For this is just a footnote.

— The End —