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Tommy Randell Apr 2020
Even at 68 there are firsts.
A surprise today, for example,
The smallest ritual of frying an egg,
Became a eucharist of laying it up
Onto a white plate, over a slice of sourdough -
When did this old Anarchist
Become so formalized in his worship?
Tommy Randell Nov 2019
Yes, organic ice creams from Vans at their wedding
And a phone-free zone to eat them in
The sign said 'No Carbon Heavy presents, please...
Do use the paper cups & plates for recycling.'

Guests brought pie and baskets of fruit
Chemically free to make whole pulp smoothies
The Bride wore... Thrift, the Groom... Utility
There was homemade wine and local cheeses

Old mix tapes were played of romances past
Naughty Jokes and Texts read were out loud
Sketch pads and crayons lay on every table
For a record to be made of this day of vows

They were trying to do it... their way.

Then, a full month's honeymoon in sunnier climes
Champagne & Strawberries on the beach
Silk kimonos & chocolate lying neatly on pillows
A Cabin Steward for Room Service never out of reach

The great and the good as their fellow passengers
Posh evenings and bingo with luxurious prizes
A galaxy of Stars for entertainment every night
And not a word spoken of the World and its crises

A sauna, a massage, a cornucopia of oils
Delicacies of seafood, fine wines and liqueurs
If you are going to do it then better do it right
Weddings like this, well... you need to make them Yours

And that's what they did... Their way.
We went to such a wedding as this of late - The sheer waste of 'good organic food' left over at the end was, well, traumatic! But I have exaggerated slightly - Merely for poetic effect, of course.

— The End —