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Vexren4000 Dec 2017
A clef,
On a music sheet,
holds the dreams,
You shared with me,
Upon that couch,
As we talked the night away,
So why do I remember,
The clef so well?
The song stuck in my head,
Is a reminder of you.
aniket nikhade May 2016
A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then,
time now to start again from where things were left on their own when dealing in the present with regards to an uncertain future.

A considerable time has been spent in waiting for the right moment in time.
A lot of things got ascertained,
many assumptions made during that period of time,
as of now in the present everything seems to be in place,
so now it's the right moment in time to start again with something definite in mind.

Wait for a while
Wait for sometime
Wait for the present moment in time in the present to become a thing of past.
Let is pass
Let it become a thing of past.

Let it pass off on it's own
Let it pass off like an old, dry leaf of an oak tree,
which gets carried away by the force of the wind,
then later on finds it's place on the ground after sometime.

Once the present moment in time passes by and things get settled,
time now to start again.

All this is because there are moments in life of an individual when everything seems to be on the verge of falling in it's right place,
as it is said better said then done,
always it takes time for everything to find it way along the right place.

Confusion, chaos, conflict, contradiction, anxiety, curiousness and everything else will find their way in the mind of an individual that wants to remain calm, cool and steady at same point in time.

Keeping this in mind,
knowing that the future will remain uncertain,
it's important to have something definite along the way with regards to the present moment in time,
always it's better to take the next step very carefully.

Better wait and watch
Better late than ever

A mistake even when it is corrected will still get registered as a mistake in the time that is yet to come because for every mistake that is made one has to pay something,
however a repeat mistake can definitely be avoided when doing things in hurry so as to keep the nature of things in proper shape while in present.
Better safe than sorry.

Atttitude plays a major role in shaping the future
The right attitude,
which is positive attitude plays a major role in building a constructive future,
later on the future can be shaped according to the present moment in time present then at that point in time.

Hence, whenever you find yourself caught in a web of lies with confusion and chaos becoming part of your life,
always it's better to play safe rather than feel sorry.

Always it's better to wait for a while,
wait for sometime,
wait for the present moment in time in the present,
let it pass,
let everything get settled and once things seem to be in place,
then upon finding the right moment in time,
time now to start again.

Finally, it's the right thing done at the right moment in time that makes a great deal of difference,
not only with regards to the nature of things in the present,
but also when it comes to handling and dealing an uncertain future,
which most of the time remains uncertain even when the best of the efforts are made to ascertain the same.

— The End —