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Mark Toney Oct 29
St. Simons Island
beached Juicy Fruit gum wrapper. . .
flotsam and jetsam
5/19/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku - I took a photo of a Juicy Fruit gum wrapper surrounded by sea foam bubbles, which I found 2 hours after low tide while walking on St. Simons Island beach on December 4, 2011. The photo was taken with my iPhone 5 or my iPad 4.  I can't remember which :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
annh Sep 22
Each day is broken
At the zero hour,
Splintering like a derelict,
On the craggy shoreline of the morn;

Flotsam abandoned,
To the oceans of yesterday,
The beach combed for treasure,
To keep for tomorrow.

When you find yourself googling ‘marine+law+salvage’ it’s time to stop poeming for the day. Have obviously been watching too much Poldark!

‘Every day we reconstruct our lives out of the salvage of our yesterdays.’
- James Sallis, Death Will Have Your Eyes
annh Dec 2018
I am drowning,
I am returned.

In the flow,
On the ebbing tide.

I am drowning,
I am returned.

Wrong-shapened and unfamiliar to myself.
Overwhelmed as much by the experience, as by my release from it.
But ready, ever ready, for the next wave.
Which may sink me - what are the chances?
Which may settle me on soft, sun-dried sand further up the line.

What are the chances?
Donna Bella Oct 2014
There so called "flotsam"
I'm standing on millions now
Walking down the alley where I use to lay on the sidewalks
Saw the men who called me "flotsam"
But they didn't recognize me instead they complemented me on this Hermes apparel
I let them talked
Asked them where they work
They work for my company
I decided to leave
But before I left
I turned back around
I told them I'm the man that's so called "flotsam"
By the way you're fired
Donna Bella Oct 2014
They bickered
They called me flotsam
They thought because i was homeless I didnt have the intellect to know
They called me flotsam
Am I worthless like they say
Am I debris to society
Realizing I can never think like that
Because if I did I would be dead
But I'm trying
I'm trying not to be that so called "flotsam"
Bet you I'm smarter then them
But my circumstances are inevitable
The sad life of a so called "flotsam"

— The End —