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Raul M Murray Jul 2020
Woman your pretty as a flower
Scented like the dainty petals
I’m attracted to you like a bumblebee
Is to honey, I love you glamour
I fly to other sweet flowers
Savouring the fragrance of mother nature
I buzz back, your above the rest and better
Makes me want to sample your spirit
Lipstick colour like a petal, eyes that glitters
Fluttering around as your hips flow in the wind
Winnie Pooh even comes for the nectar
Every bee approaches to pollinate
A floret perfect for mankind
Jenish Apr 2020
Little floret, little floret, when will you bloom?
Egging with watchful eyes, I waited in the gloom.
Gentle dreams hit my eyes, missed your secret dance
Engulfed in mystic fragrance, took me into trance.
Drowsy lazy timid mind, one day sure will blossom
Yes that day, spreading fragrance, makes the world awesome.
Star BG Jul 2017
I'm your blossom,
that flowers with beauty.
Your my water that feeds
sacred ground caressing my roots.

I’m your floret
that opens divinely
Your my sun of light
the sacred breeze that hugs with love.

I’m yours for all time.
Your mine who holds my heart.
inspired by Rianna's poetry

— The End —