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Kee Apr 2017
you can't help but stare
and stare
and stare
until you hate everything about your face
how many freckles you have
it can only cover the scars for so long
the insecurities for so long
lips coated in thick red
eyes you coat with liner and eye shadow
face caked with foundation
baked with powder
contoured to the gods
eyebrows on fleek
you slay
sometimes you don't recognize yourself in the mirror
and it makes you happy because you can't imagine living the rest of your life looking you without make-up.
will you ever love you?
you, without the makeup?
I wear make-up myself and 100% understand that some people wear because they want to and not because they're insecure about their faces. but, there are A LOT who do wear make-up bc they are insecure, and bullied, and just don't want to look like them anymore. i was like this, i kind of still am. it's hard to get over, and sometimes you can't.
Elise Feb 2015
One look and her
******* eye pierces
me straight through the heart
in one blow the blood
rushes through me
I feel my knees giving
in and I fall
to the ground
I kiss the ground
she walked on
I breathe the air
she breathed
but that's as much of her
as i'll ever receive.
She will never be mine.
Not completely.

— The End —