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Caitlin Fisher Aug 2015
I don’t believe we are evil
No matter what anyone could say
What crime have we committed,
But loving through the day.

What have we done, but sat and read
Thoughts lost in one another
Like cats you left us for the dead
Your words did **** my brother

You made us exiles of our own hearts
And expect we kneel and pray
What ever did we do
But loving through the day
flash poetry 7/7
Caitlin Fisher Aug 2015
High above the clouds our ship does sail
Almost touching bright stars and silky moon
Our captain wears planets about his neck
And in the air there’s sort of a light and twisting tune
Of nebulas dying and stars being born
And mountains and craters, hewn
But there never was such a tale ever told
That struck my heart in two
flash poetry 5/7
Caitlin Fisher Aug 2015
Cut his throat and end his charm
Why should we live in fear?
The next day will dawn
And to the gallows we’ll be drawn
And then who could do us harm?
flash poetry 3/7

— The End —