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You are like the moon
Pure and opaque..
Can be described as nothing but a giant flake.
Desirable enough to cause many heartbreak.
You are a beautiful dream from which i never wanna wake...
Sumaira Asghar Jan 2019
When you look up
to the darkness alone,
when you feel wind
tickle your bones
and when it whips frost
into your eyelashes,
when the wintry sun
makes ground glitter
with its nascent rays,
when you look at with love
each sculpted flake,
when a smile spreads
on your cold lips,
may you remember me.
Cat Lynn System Jan 2019
Uniquely Beautiful and Frozen Cold...

... and yet able to willingly melt in loving hands...
Can I be your snowflake? Or can I be lost in winters wind?
Cat Lynn System Jan 2019
I became hidden behind the severe weather's curtain of snow and ice

Running into a danger zone that was blinding white

Face beat red as ice shards pierced my lungs

Panting out winters puff, sinking into frozen love

My ankles shackled to the inches of snow

As the wind cried along with me, the rage only began to grow

Out of breath, I knelt for a bitter moment, just to feel, taste, and see

All the little Snow flakes kisses that laid upon me

On my coat, my hat, my face, and my lips

One with its each on individual beauty of crystalized hips

Edges so sharp, breaking through the numbness that lied

I began to laughed and cried, for I was also beautifully designed

Cloak me in your blasphemous hurricane winds, white me out from sorrow

Tuck me under your soft, icy sheets of snow

Color me white as I am buried away

So I maybe cleansed and purified. This will be my blackness grave

~ Wash Me In Winter's Kiss ~ For there is nothing more whiter then
For He Has Washed Me As white As Snow
Praise Him...p

So yeah where I live we had a very dangerous snow storm and I kinda just ran away?... XD

Although it was dangerous it was totally worth it. It amazing how gloriously beautiful a storm can create. Completely white!? How often do we see that?

I was so freezing cold XD but look over it from an abandoned play ground made the frost bites worth it. I would have dived into it if I could have

So many people were .ad and furious I ran away like that but I had to I had so much on my mind that was ripping me

Be one with the frozen breeze to see the pure whiteness of beauty was exactly what I needed

I just wish I could have shared it with somebody...

Oh well XD
blank black screen stare
call me back, if you dare

losing phone tag, no reply
reread texts, heavy sigh

blank black screen stare
call me back, if you dare

unlock, check, and lock again
the clouds outside are heavy with rain

blank black screen stare
call me back, if you dare

seconds, minutes, hours pass
hack through time with tempered glass

blank black screen stare
call me back, if you dare

night fall, rain start
dully beating sluggish heart

blank black screen stare
call me back, if you dare
when plans fall through
i wonder what i did to you
how many steps must I take
joints grind and bones to break
this is for your sake
regrets follow in my wake
your face and smile fake
poker table I'm the rake
Nicki, Kanye and Drake
like filligry on my cake
like edgewater on a lake
real estaste will always make
dem big booties shake
to make the earth quake
and when will you flake
and make my heart break
It's then I realize you're my only mistake
Aniseed May 2015
Your skin wasn't so soft
Not the softness you'd find
In great love stories

You didn't always have the
Words to say something
You fumbled with them
While I babbled

You snored -
Only a little, I promise

Yet in ways I found
Them so endearing
Perhaps it was just you
And I find myself
Tripping and tumbling
And scrapping ideas
Of not needing love
Or just not being aware

Because I'm just yearning
To brush against that arm again

Stories be ******
Whatever this feeling is, it's terrifying.

— The End —