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Sienna Feb 19
A little native girl,
went upon her day,
not yet understanding,
what was to come her way.

Pale people on ships,
descending down the bay,
would go on to take her,
far, far away.

Too young to comprehend,
her life would never be the same,
and was ripped from beneath her feet,
without any shame.

A glimpse of harsh reality,
in the darkness there she lay,
only foreign men lying to her,
telling her it was okay.

Years went on by,
the destruction of our say,
the blood of the ******,
is now in our vein.

Their newest family,
yells that nothing will ever change;
we cause nothing but issues,
"Just shut up and assimilate,"
Lawrence Hall Nov 2018
Premeditated Amnesia 1

For nothing here is old, save for deep layers
Of moss and muck and mouldering remains
Civilisations lit by visions and fire
Now lost beneath a Wal-Mart Parking lot

Incuriously the tentacles of Now
Slither more deeply into the pale past
And churn up yet another housing estate
At the corner of Kingsford Lane and Heather Way

Near the Motorcycle Church, for piston prayers:
For nothing here is old, save for deep layers

1”The U.S. is probably the contemporary world’s purest example of a society which is perpetually trying to abolish history, to avoid thinking in historical terms, to associate dynamism with premeditated amnesia.” -Alexander Woodside quoted by Susan Sontag:­mail+Subscribers&utmcampaign=b581739691-EMAILCAMPAIGN201808170417COPY01&utmmedium=email&utmterm=0_2cb428c5ad-b581739691-41080789
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
I was here first.
     *I seriously doubt that,
     but, for the sake of argument,
     let's say you were,
     here first.
     I was here second.
     This isn't a race
"Our home and native land" is the second line to the Canadian Anthem.
I'm not prejudiced, just tired of the same old argument.
D'Arcy Sahn Oct 2014
The impoverished wasteland
That keeps you from changing the world
Will never be your home

Not if I'm here

You don't know how much people will try
To drive you away
To keep you ''where you belong''
A waiting place

The place I so desperately fear

Not for me; I'm not one of ''them''
But you are; according to the authorities
I can hide: we don't have race wars here
But how can you avoid it if the government perpetuates it?

I nearly shed a lone tear

The Canadian Ghetto
It's where you're destined to stay
If they, we, I let you fall
If the people convince you you're inferior

But you have nothing to fear.

I'll won't stop making you
      ­                                           Smarter

And when all is said and done
And they've taken your ability to give a ****
You still won't surrender

And I'll shed a joyous tear.
Constructive Criticism Appreciated.

— The End —