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Marie Jun 2019
Even you're seems a fiery giant,
I couldn't resist myself to come near you.
Even your precence just scorching during summer,
But still your beauty capture my heart everyday.

Yesterday, I look for something beautiful,
I look for something magical and enchanting.
But when my eyes sees you standing in the corner,
The feeling of love arise in my body.

Your spectacular color is magnificent,
You provides welcome shade in a warm climate.
Your red stems of the bloom clusters command attention,
By that, You attract me more and more.

Summer season will ended too soon,
I'll surely miss, your famous scarlet petals.
I'll surely miss to hangout with you,
I promise to wait for your bloomming season again.
There is a fire tree burning
Inside my heart for you

This flame is burning deeply
I still feel the sensation of your kiss
And longing for your gentle caress

But my mind still struggling in complete surrender

Close your eyes, you will see eternal flame
Do you feel the beatings of it
For you
The stars twinkling in my eyes
Because of you.

If you only knew
The enigma of your presence bridges
Now and Forever.

— The End —