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Sirad Jul 2020
Anticipating the split between two colonies
Honeybees swarm to protect their queen

Encircled by her children
The swarm become one nervous system
Moving to the sound of rhythmic beats

I swallowed the swarm
Now safe within my centerpiece
Inside my muscular comb
They found new cavities to live in
menu, commands,
controls and in it a
chip of solace.
© Feelings Coated
Cai Oct 2018
When I was inlove with you, I would always look for you. I would look for you in poetry and in book passages, I would look for you through music and aestheticly pleasing pictures with texts of what I feel about you. I would look for you at night amongst the stars. But oh, You are so far away from me, physically and emotionally. It was to the point where I had to find you in every thing that I love. But, now that you broke me, I try to not look for you anymore. I try to avoid the things I love, just so that I wouldn’t be able to find you. But I still do. It hurts, It hurts too much. The stars don’t shine anymore, that’s how I know, I don’t want to look for you anymore.
From my still, broken heart. These are my feelings. I hope you enjoy them! **
we'll never be privy to what
happens inside the secret bunker
but if we were we'd be well
interested about its hunker

there's a lot of stuff going on
that doesn't get any open air time
those who are involved in it
keep a tight lid on the covert crime

an investigative body needs
to be set up like rather fast
so that we can gain insight into
the workings of it at last

once the findings are out there
in the public sphere
we'll have knowledge of what
has been occurring beneath the weir
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
So many words unspoken from various flowers,
but they live and thrive.
They are tender creations of God with radiant souls.
For in a world so muddled, they are rays of beauty.
Currently in a park, surrounded by flowers.
They remind me that the world is still beautiful...
Kagami Aug 2014
Ways to project

The butterflies

And the carnal

A faerie dances,

Shackles lock
And *******
Occurs; a mental

State; reached
Toward any

Outburst of


Findings: Salved mystery.

— The End —