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Chris Bev Jul 2015
I got fired last night, the devil tryna take my life.
I think I'm going back to Christ.
Cuz the ******* stealing my thoughts.
So I just purchased a cross, from Ross.
Cuz remember I got fired.
Spent the next severely weeks tryna get hired.
Success is what I desire.
Everyday wake up tired and exhausted.
My soul is busted.
My soul is like a combustion.
Forget about my homies man, I found out I couldn't trust them.
Asked for a place to stay, they asked if I'm selling my J's away.
Until this day, ain't nothing the same.
Lord I get it.
You break a man down, so he knows to stay.
Jesus been paved the way.
I struggle with lots of things, however what all really matters?
Just a story I made up to display the struggles one can endure.
The struggles can overtake what really matters after everything and that's the Lord Jesus Christ.

— The End —