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Primo Pollux Jun 18
❝ ❞

    In this box shaped power-driven wheel,
    Slowly going upright down.
    You can clearly see the hill
    And other people having fun below.

    In this box shaped power-driven wheel,
    I'm with you when  I was in pain.
    You hugged me and I felt well,
    I hugged you back and gave you smile.

    In this box shaped power-driven wheel,
    From the strong and happy friendship
    You and I had a special relationship.
    I also gave you my first kiss here.

    In this box shaped power-driven wheel,
    You asked me to be your lifetime
    Partner not just couple out there.
    And so I gave the ‘ Yes ’ that you

    Yet, in this box shaped power-driven
    You confessed before our wedding day.
    That you, my love, had an affair.
     And worst, that person is my sister.

     In this box shaped power-driven wheel,
     I see the altar where
     You and my sister
     Celebrating your wedding.

May you have a happy
And peaceful family.
Erian Nov 2018
Like an ocean
Our love reaches depths
Depths farther any mankind could go
We act as if we are kids
Riding on a Ferris wheel round and round
Or skidding in the snow
Packing crystals into spheres
Hitting the fabrics of each other
Its endless in our depths
Drawing pictures in the sand
Taking the dive into these waters
Wondering what it will be like years later
Deep in the depths
Of our ocean
Skye Marshmallow Sep 2018
Metal skeleton, pretty lights
Frozen breaths sit still
Circular motion, hazy nights
Silent minds sound a siren
Swooping lows, soaring highs
We've lost our balance again
Mechanic cogs, wailing cries
The fair ground is eternal
Alegria Mir Mar 2018
f e r r i s  w h e e l
her words,
her laugh,
her smile,
her goodbye
on our last ride
are not the things i would ever forget
because, it was as cold as winter
in the middle of summer
when she looked to the farthest as possible,
to the iris of my eyes,
to the lustrous lips of mine,
to the soul about to be left behind
The Alphabet of You
Corey Jul 2017
Love is a rushing river
It sweeps you off your feet
or drags you out to sea.
Constantly lost in rapids
and whirlpools.

Love is a mountain.
Up, up, taking all your energy.
Then for a moment, you peak,
and the world seems a little bigger.
Or smaller. Both.

Love is a Ferris wheel
in constant motion.
Up's and down's,
Up's and down's,
But always, always around.

Love is fire in your veins,
explosions in your eyes,
and electricity with each touch.
And when the fire burns out,
you simply light it again.

Love is oxygen in your lungs,
water on a hot day,
and the aches in your back.
And when you lose your breath, breathe.
And when you take a drink, believe.
Trying to cure my writers block
On the merry-go-round,
new love I found.
Caressed hands on dodgems,
but she pinged me a Dear John.
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

How we canoodled by
the coconut shy.
Phoney fortune-teller
foresaw us together.
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

The Big Dipper's
not great for one's dinner,
but its ups and downs thrill.
Love is the ride that makes you ill.
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

Once seatbeats were buckled,
harum-scarum carny cackled.
Sugarcube senses dissolved
as the giant teacup revolved.  
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

Atop the Ferris Wheel,
did I queer this deal?
Should I have fondled her
in the gondola?
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

At hoop-la I won nix
- same with love, is it fixed?
Vendor's upped sticks , in candy floss
I can't even drown my loss.
The fair left town with my heart:
left love a grey, trash-strewn park.

Her name was Elena,
she came from Romania.
Where carnival lights once glew,
now as a disco under Ceausescu:
drab, shabby, dark. Like my heart
of trash, strewn about a fair-departed park.
Steph Dionisio Jul 2015
This giant eye
let's you see every thing.
Steals your heart
while you are smiling.
Showing sky 'til you stun,
pauses every second.
Takes your breathe away
by showing lights on display.
Yet, after giving a good spell,
it will just lead to farewell.

*-Steph Dionisio, July 22, 2015
Emma Feb 2015
He was like
A Ferris wheel
Always spinning
On the same path
The kind of person
You never meet just once
But once
And then twice
And thrice and so on
We weren't meant
to be lovers
Perhaps we were meant
to be friends
But friends become
And lovers become
"Just friends"
But "just friends" become strangers
And strangers roam the world
She takes the right road
And he takes the left road
But the world is round
And he is a Ferris wheel
The kind of person
You never meet
Just once
Some people you can never meet just once.
Adel Apr 2014
you remind me with the bright spring day when the sunlight peeks around the green leaves; you remind me with a nice summer day when the blue ocean hits the shoreline and the birds humming sweet lullabies. and i hope somewhere somehow you will find your path as the sunflowers turn around along the field to see your smile. and i hope you will smile at the shooting star as you close your eyes and make wishes like its the last time of your life. and i hope the constellation and also the moon will always lighten up your dark sky and be there for you even in your darkest times. and i hope you will see all the city lights from the ferris wheel at night and the butterflies inside your stomach will dance until you feel so weak and i hope you will reach all your dreams and always be happy out there. and i know you don't realize this but i hope you understand how much i care about you and how much i love you.

— The End —