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Will you be my Valentine?

I've liked you for quite some time

Will you be my Valentine?

If even the sun didn't rise...

And the sun didn't shine

All I want is for you to be mine

If there was no light and only darkness

I still would want you to be mine with whole heartedness

Regardless, if your answer is yes or no

It doesn't stop me from wanting to know

This feeling I have fills me from head to toe

There is just something I'm just dying to know

And that is

Will you be my Valentine?

Just this one time?
A cheesy valentine I made for a girl. This girl I loved with all my heart, she was my everything and she had someone, but yet this got to her anyway and she kept it.
DIANA Mar 2016
Now is the time to be with me
but you are with others.

How many nights passed with the moon rays ?

Feelings are coming  and coming and coming
days going ,month coming and on and on......

Now, realised that its my feeling of love, its my expectation,
its my dream.......

— The End —