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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I am a walking talking PSA for the incorrect way to live
Number of dollars in my bank account matches how many ***** I give
Counting change
Pay for gas so I can go to work
I get stuck behind the transit again
I'm gonna go berserk!
A little ****
Start my day
..Or more like a lot
The location of my pipe I've somehow forgot
Mismatched socks
Greasy hair
Bloodstains on jeans
For breakfast had coffee and a bag of jellybeans
Bearing ***** nails and even dirtier mind
A hole in my pantseams right in the behind
Positive thinking not doing me any good
Failed everything I have tried believing I could
Negative thinking has not worked either
Applied both
Found success in neither
The marks humans left on skin and my feelings
Turned my pride into a pile of peelings
Where am I going?
Haven't a clue
Trying to climb out of the hell I fell into
Going crazy searching for an escape route
That does not exist because there's no way out
Just venting
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
I feel lost, sinking deep,
You are moving further away,
And there is nothing I can do
To make you happy enough to stay.

I am no longer what you want,
I see it when you look at me,
There is something more you're craving,
I will never be.

I try not to let it hurt too bad,
My feelings are only so tough,
I give my heart every day
But my love will never be enough.
Written 4/13/14
You and me
were just chaos
And I couldn't
describe it better.
From the very start I knew, we would never fit in together. But I still waited for the storm to create the CHAOS .

— The End —