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EmerellaLove Oct 2015
Days went by
You didn't return
I waited for your call
You became a stranger
But I still loved you.

People told me I would never see you
People told me you would never come back
I told them that's not true
I told them I will go see you when I am bigger

When I found out I would come to the US
When I realized I would see you for the first time
My heart raced
I couldn't wait to get out of the airport
The process took way too long
I wondered if you would recognize me
I wondered if I would recognize you

You were standing outside
You were wearing a black coat
You had a blue balloon in your hand
It said Welcome in yellow letters
You had a bouquet of flowers in your hand
You handed both of them to me
I was your little princess
I am your little princess

I held onto the balloon for three days
from New York to Boston, I held onto it
When it flew away I cried
It was the first thing you gave me
and I let it go.
BG Ibañez Jul 2014

This magic keeps me alive
Its just you
and me--
The wreakage of the world

I'm afraid
You're going to lose me,
Yet I need to save you
but who's going to save

And I know you're going
To need me
with you
but I'm losing myself
I can feel myself
Slipping away
And its making me crazy

I remember that—
what it made me say
but I'm losing myself
I saw you frown
I swear,
it wasn't me.
It was the crown.

Please forgive me
For whatever I do
when I don't remember

This must be
So confusing
For a little girl

This magic keeps me alive

you pitiful old man.
You're so annoying,
you find me,
and start
hanging around
but you're really
really nuts
Just another lame excuse
to see me.

Man, It's getting me down.
I'd like to help you,
but I don't know if I can.
Every time I move, eventually,
I thought you were nuts,
You know, I'm actually glad..
. to see you.
I'm the one
I make this peom out of two songs from Adventure Time: I Remember You episode. Basically, it is a cento :D Enjoy!

— The End —