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Casey Sep 5
Tragic heroes have tragic flaws.
At least, that's what the sophomore language arts teacher had taught.

Juliet and Romeo,
ignorant obsession.
unchecked ambition.
Achilleus and Agamemnon,
self-righteous ego.
Tragic heroes slew by the pen for a lesson.

What about the ones that succeed?
How could they possibly have flaws?
We hold them on a pedestal for all to see.
Maybe they truly were perfect--at first.

It's easy to fake a smile.
Nothing has changed, we are the same.
Not every flaw can be seen at surface level,
and they're not necessarily vices.

For instance, loyalty.
Now that'll get you killed.
Put that into perspective,
and we're all just tragic heroes with tragic flaws.
I know this doesn't make much sense. It's content though.  Yes, I'm back!
Ariana Sweeney Apr 2014
We go after stuff just to make us feel whole
It’s our therapeutic way to gain some control
It’s a kiss on the neck, or that burn down our throat
The stories we tell make us feel less remote

We **** up our lives just to give ourselves purpose
Earn trophies and badges to feel less worthless
Sleep with a few strangers and break a few laws
Cause we’re already ******, can’t you tell by our flaws?
Does this count as explicit...? Ha.

— The End —